DAM News Round-Up – 28th September 2020

A collection of recent DAM-related articles from around the web, sourced from DAM Federation member, Planet DAM.

Digital Asset Management for All Stages of Video File Creation Cycle: Tips & Best Practices

DAM solutions provider Pics.io have posted an article exploring the topic of video content management and present a number of best practices using DAM  tools.  The article walks through the various stages of a video asset’s lifecycle, from content creation and collaboration through to analysis and archival. There’s some useful, platform-agnostic tips here for anyone using video in their marketing or product workflows.

DAM Workflows: Why Content Operations is Critical to Your Customer Experience

In this brief article, marketing operations platform provider Aprimo explain how crucial Content Operations are in customer personalisation, and how a DAM’s ability to manage and orchestrate the ideation, creation, planning and distribution stages can help overcome the challenges of silo-based content within organisations.

Adjectives as Terms in Taxonomies

Taxonomist and author Heather Hedden discusses the subject of adjectives in taxonomies in this recent blog post.  According to thesaurus standards, taxonomy terms traditionally use nouns as opposed to verbs or adjectives, although product taxonomies often include attributes such as colour, style, size etc.  Heather continues to explain how in some scenarios, the use of auto-categorisation, if used consistently and with the required level of expertise, can indeed incorporate adjectives.

What Happens When You Start Sharing Your Digital Assets The Right Way?

Font and content management software vendor Extensis present the all too common issue of distributing digital assets, and how content creators and artists are often tasked with tracking down emails or scouring file systems in order to locate and reuse digital assets or fonts.  The article goes on to provide a number of tips for improving the management and findability of assets, and how a DAM system can assist in multiple areas such as rights management, versioning, collaboration and distribution.

An Open Route Map for the Museum Sector

In this recent article from the Collections Trust, Richard Leeming from the Cisco-backed Preservation to Presentation initiative (P2P) explains various measures to help stimulate leadership across the UK museum sector.  Data-sharing, conflicting technical standards and poor funding are just a few of the obstacles that are preventing institutions from implementing a common digital strategy that would allow members of the public to search across multiple museums or collections. The ‘Get it Together’ project explores the issue of how to stimulate digital leadership across a highly complex and fragmented sector.

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