DAM News Round-Up – 28th November 2022

A selection of DAM related articles from around the web, sourced by the DAM News editorial team.

Stable Diffusion 2.0 Release

One of the most popular open-source AI based image generation tools, Stable Diffusion, has recently announced the release of version 2 of their platform.  The initial offering of their GPU-hungry software witnessed one of the fastest adoption rates in GitHub’s history, outpacing both Ethereum and Bitcoin based applications.  The article outlines a number of improvements, including new text-to-image models, improved default resolutions and upscaling, and depth2img – a depth-guided model that can generate depth information based on input images.

Taxonomies to Bridge Silos

Author and Taxonomist Heather Hedden explores the theme of her two most recent conferences – using taxonomies to break down and bridge content silos that may be distributed across multiple different storage repositories.  The two conferences in question were LavaCon, held in New Orleans in October, and the annual Taxonomy Boot Camp conference that recently took place in Washington DC.

DAM Metadata Part Two: How to Lay the Foundation for your Metadata Structure

Digital Asset Management software provider QBank present the second part of their three part series on metadata structures.  In this instalment, tips are provided on how to establish and define asset types, and which type of metadata each one should include, for example, ensuring that product photos include the relevant colour, size or material.  Part three will cover how to introduce complex business rules and automation.

Media Asset Management Storage and Archiving at Scale – The Authoritative Guide

This introductory guide to Media Asset Management (MAM) from DAM vendor Evolphin covers the key aspects of managing media storage at scale, and includes guidance for post-production teams that need high-performance storage, along with solutions for archiving raw and native camera video.  Topics include the benefits of on-premise and cloud-based solutions, transfer speeds, search features, proxy file generation, and a useful guide to the various tiers that Amazon Web Services (AWS) offer.  A useful reference for anyone tasked with setting up a storage/archive solution for large-scale media operations.

TikTok Searches Are Changing Google Search, Attracting New Generations of Users

This recent article from marketing and social media consultant Pierre DeBois investigates how Google is adapting to the latest TikTok search trends by introducing new features to its visual search platform Google Lens.  With a staggering 8 billion Lens users, Pierre explores how younger generations are moving away from traditional search habits in favour of using social media to discover visual representations of products and services in real time, and how these new behaviours could potentially impact marketing strategies such as SEO (search engine optimisation).

Stable Diffusion Image Prompt: a spaceman reading a newspaper, drinking a cup of coffee, synthwave style

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