DAM News Round-Up – 27th November 2023

A selection of DAM-related articles from around the web, sourced by the DAM News editorial team.

OnDAM Paris

We’re back from last week’s OnDAM conference in Paris and had a great time meeting the sponsors, vendors and attendees, and thoroughly enjoyed the wealth of keynotes, workshops and presentations that were on offer.  Activo have put together a couple of teaser videos of day one and day two of the event, and we’ll be publishing a full review of the conference next week along with some feedback from the attendees.  We would like to express our sincere thanks and gratitude to everyone that attended, along with our appreciation for the excellent staff and facilities (and food!) at the Pavillon Elysée Té.  Here’s to next year’s OnDAM!

Santa Cruz Software Introduces BannersUI – Ad Design Automation Platform for DAM Customers

A common frustration for non-creative types is the resizing and formatting of marketing material such as banner designs for use on a growing number of channels including social media platforms.  To help reduce this friction, Santa Cruz Software have recently announced the launch of BannersUI – an automated tool that integrates with your DAM workflow and allows users to edit and produce derivative artwork to suit a variety of end uses.  We recently attended a demonstration of the tool’s capabilities at the OnDAM conference in Paris, and its features include locking and unlocking specific design elements to allow editing, seamless and clutter-free integration with numerous DAM platforms, and an AI engine under the hood that learns from previous formatting to determine layouts and further speed up the production of banner ads for platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Google Ads.  BannersUI is scheduled for release in early 2024.

10 Best Computer Vision Companies in 2024

DAM solutions provider Scaleflex have recently posted an article presenting a line-up of what they consider to be the ten best computer vision companies currently on the market.  Candidates include new and existing platforms that provide visual AI services such as image recognition and object detection, smart/auto tagging, metadata creation, image generation, and photo enhancement.  Both positive and negative aspects of each platform are considered, with vendors including Clarifai, Visua, Vue.ai, and DeepSignals.

How to store digital media

French DAM software vendor Wedia take a broad look at the various ways in which organisations can effectively manage and store the increasing volume of media files in today’s content-rich digital ecosystem.  With some startling statistics (82 years’ worth of video is uploaded to YouTube on a daily basis), the article covers the range of technologies and models on offer, from traditional on-premise hard disks and Network Attached Storage (NAS) through to modern cloud storage solutions.  Tips and insights include basic organisation, management, file-naming conventions and back-up strategies.

How To Identify Potential Font Risks In Creative Projects

Another rarely discussed concern is that of font usage in creative projects, and the associated risks surrounding typeface licensing, usage and copyright.  This article from font management specialists Extensis explores the (very real) threat of getting into hot water due to the misuse of fonts, along with a few case studies, and what organisations can do to identify, manage and mitigate font risk.

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