DAM News Round-Up – 27th February 2023

A selection of DAM related articles from around the web, sourced by the DAM News editorial team.

Microsoft Bing Tests Image Creator In Search Results

After Microsoft announced the launch of their Image Creator tool last October, their Bing search engine is now rolling out a preview version of the feature for a select group of users.  Much like the raft of other AI assisted image creation platforms such as DALL-E, Midjourney and Stable Diffusion, Image Creator allows users to enter a text prompt in order to ‘create any image’.  Unlike the initial release of DALL-E, there is no waiting list, although Image Creator does require that you sign in with a Microsoft account, and at the time of publication, only supports English language prompts.  An introductory video is also available.

Related Concepts in Taxonomies

Author and Taxonomist Heather Hedden takes a characteristic detailed look at related concepts within taxonomies and thesauri.  Topics covered include associative and reciprocal relationships, and the differences distinguishing thesauri from taxonomies.  Heather also includes a number of best practice tips for implementing concept schemes, SKOS (Simple Knowledge Organization System) related concepts, and future-proofing taxonomies by incorporating related concepts during their construction and maintenance phases.

From Chaos to Control: Top Digital Asset Management Benefits for Operational Efficiency

Digital Asset Management solution provider Evolphin provide a list of practical tips and advice on improving your operational efficiency via the use of a DAM system. Guidance includes tips on streamlining the digital asset content lifecycle, optimising cross-team collaboration, ensuring brand consistency, automation, licensing and rights management, and measures your organisation can take to help future-proof your operations.

Digital Asset Management Business Case: Securing Budget for Your DAM

This recent article from DAM vendor Tenovos by digital preservation consultant Kara Van Malssen explores the often difficult task of gaining funds for a Digital Asset Management initiative.  Guidance begins with taking a broad view of your organisation’s objectives and then prioritising and distilling these into two or three goals that you believe a DAM system can help to achieve.  Topics and concepts include identifying how an efficient DAM can boost cost and time savings, how to calculate the ROI of any potential investment, and how highlighting the cost of inaction (as opposed to the cost of action) is often an easier metric to understand when presenting your business case.

Artificial Intelligence in Digital Asset Management

If you’ve considered joining the growing number of businesses that are using artificial intelligence in their workflow but don’t know where to begin, this recent primer from DAM vendor Pics.io provides an introduction to the concepts involved, along with a breakdown of common implementations such as AI keywording using computer vision and facial recognition.  Emerging trends such as automated metadata generation, AI assisted analytics, and synthetic media creation are also touched upon.

Image created with Microsoft Bing Image Creator with prompt: a robot reading a newspaper, impressionism, landscape

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