DAM News Round-Up – 27th April 2020

A collection of recent DAM-related articles from around the web, sourced from DAM Federation member, Planet DAM.

It’s Time You Asked To Work from Home, For Good

Metadata expert and creator of Tame Your Assets, Ian Matzen, presents a template proposal to make working from home a permanent aspect of the Digital Asset Manager’s role.  Ian’s detailed but concise proposal is broken down into a manageable schedule that includes a four week plan to introduce and fine tune the details of your telecommuting role, followed by a three month probation period.  With crisp, well-written sections covering working methods, impact, benefits, assumptions and risk, the template should act as a solid starting point for anyone considering making such a move in order to demonstrate and safeguard the importance of their role, especially during such uncertain times when many business are being forced to cut staff numbers.  In addition to his proposal, Ian is also hosting a series of panel discussions on Remote Working, the first of which is scheduled to take place on April 30th.  You can register your interest here.

4 ways Digital Asset Management systems enable creative workflows for remote teams

DAM consultant Kristina Huddart provides a number of tips for enabling marketing teams to work better remotely.  Although all four tips appear to be respun versions of what is essentially the same advice – use a DAM because it is centralised, cost-effective, and can be configured for various levels of access and collaboration – there is, nonetheless a few basic pointers for swapping out previously in-person practices for their remote-based equivalents.

The Metadata Management Evolution: ‘What has changed… and what needs to happen?’

In this YouTube video, Frank DeCarlo presents an interactive webinar session that took place earlier this month.  Staged by New Jersey DAM, a series of seasoned panellists, including DAM consultants and content strategists from LinkedIn and NVidia, share their metadata experiences and discuss how it has changed over the years and how it must evolve and adapt to keep up with today’s fast-moving digital landscape.

IPTC 2020 Spring Meeting Agenda announced

IPTC, the global standards body of the news media, has recently announced its Spring Meeting Agenda, scheduled to take place on May 11 – 12th.  This will be the first virtual meeting of IPTC members, and is to be hosted on the Zoom video conferencing platform for five hours on each of the three days.  Topics and presentations will include Reuter’s Lynx Insight AI system, metadata entities, updates from the IPTC working group and the photo metadata working group, a session from W3C on standards, and updates on the Google News Initiative C-POP.  Attendance is free for all IPTC members who need to sign up at the members-only registration page to receive their invitations.

The 3 main administrative tasks in a DAM

If you’ve ever wondered what the main administrative tasks in a Digital Asset Management system look like, DAM solutions provider Wedia have posted an article summarising the key duties.  Covering user management, metadata control, nurturing usage growth and best practice by acting on user feedback, routine asset and server maintenance, and ensuring disaster recovery mechanism are in place, the article serves as a rudimentary job description for those unfamiliar with the extent of the DAM admin’s role.

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