DAM News Round-Up – 26th September 2022

A selection of DAM, Martech and Digital Content articles from around the web, hand-picked by the DAM News editorial team.

Artists begin selling AI-generated artwork on stock photography websites

This thought-provoking article from Ars Technica reveals how the results from AI-assisted image generation tools such as DALL-E 2 and Midjourney are now beginning to appear in stock image libraries.  The recent advent of stable diffusion technology means that themes and stylistic continuity across different prompts can now be achieved, whereas previous outputs were mostly random and unlinked.  Although Shutterstock’s current terms and conditions allow the submission of AI-generated works, the debate over ownership, ethics and copyright is gaining momentum, begging the question as to whether we’re collectively jumping the gun and unintentionally nurturing widespread litigation further down the line?

What’s Really Behind Those AI Art Images?

Continuing with the theme of AI-art generation, technology and culture writer Charlie Warzel lifts the curtain and takes a look at the various cast and crew members behind the phenomenon, and how many of the source images used in Stable Diffusion’s dataset appear to be both copyright-protected and scraped from sites like DeviantArt and Pinterest without any form of consent from the original artists.  Charlie explains how programmers Andy Baio and Simon Willison have released a tool that allows you to search a subset of over 12 million of Stable Diffusion’s 2.3 billion images, the results of which have prompted some serious legal and ethical issues.

Extend Bynder with Powerful AI Search

AI search tool providers EMRAYS have recently announced the release of a Google Chrome browser extension that makes their tool’s functionality available directly inside the Bynder DAM portal.  EMRAYS state that user feedback suggested that a more seamless implementation of their standalone Native Connector tool was high on the wishlist, and the new browser extension supports an advanced duplicate finder, an improved similarity search, and the option to search assets by URL to check whether assets from sources such as Google Images or Shutterstock already exist in your DAM.

Generative AI: A Creative New World

This deep-dive article from Sequoia Capital’s Sonya Huang and Pat Grady waxes lyrical about the emerging opportunities seeded by the AI-art generation.  As you might expect from an investment company, the focus is firmly on the economic opportunities of this new technology, with only a passing reference to the growing number of legal and ethical issues that are currently surfacing.  Nonetheless, this is an informative and enthusiastic article with plenty of information, insights and predictions for researchers, developers and investors alike.

Interview with Gerald Holubowicz about Synthetic Media

Journalist and synthetic media writer Gerald Holubowicz is the latest interviewee on Henrik De Gyor’s Synthetic Media podcast.  Gerald discusses the challenges and successes of synthetic media, including a big-budget SFX studio’s efforts at recreating Star Wars’ Luke Skywalker that was upstaged by a single individual, the problem of deepfakes within pornography, and how we should be taking a more ethical and measured approach to the availability of AI-art tools.

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