DAM News Round-Up – 26th October 2020

A collection of recent DAM-related articles from around the web, sourced from DAM Federation member, Planet DAM.

Customizing Taxonomy Facets

Taxonomy specialist and author of The Accidental Taxonomist Heather Hedden has published an article exploring the customisation of taxonomy facets (i.e. those that are not purely hierarchical, but can be filtered based on subjects, features, names and attributes).  With visual examples and well-written descriptions of the various attributes of faceted taxonomies, it’s a great introduction to the concepts and processes involved in creating your own.

The Core Functionalities of AI in Digital Asset Management

DAM solutions reseller Creative Folks have recently posted an article introducing the core features and benefits of AI within a Digital Asset Management system.  If you’re new to the subject of artificial intelligence and machine learning in relation to content and metadata management, the key ideas, models and applications are presented here, along with the inherent limitations and the ongoing need for human intervention.

Types of Digital Asset Management Systems

If you’re a complete newcomer to the world of Digital Asset Management and are still unsure of its role in either your workplace or the wider digital supply chain, this brief introductory article from DAM software provider Widen should help furnish you with some basic common use scenarios.  The article covers DAM, brand management, Marketing Resource Management (MRM), video and Product Information Management (PIM), highlighting their key differences and respective roles in the martech landscape.

Best Practices for Implementing a DAM

Digital Asset Management services provider Aprimo cut straight to the chase with a selection of implementation tips from their recent Sync! webinar sessions.  According to the brief article, for a DAM to be adopted by your users it needs to be designed to be engaging, helpful and instrumental.  Also featured is a graphic illustration of a typical implementation process, complete with milestones ‘chasms’.

Return on Asset Is the New ROI: Maximizing the Value of Your Content

Content and creative software provider Tenovos investigate ROI (Return on Investment) in this recent blog post.  My co-contributor Ralph Windsor has previously written about the danger of using quantitative methods when calculating ROI and building a business case for DAM.  A simplified description of the strategy proposed by Tenovos is to use more granular metrics to identify and leverage the value that individual assets yield, with the hope that improving such metrics will result in a ‘rising tide’ effect that benefits the system as a whole.  Numerous detailed articles relating to ROI within DAM are available on DAM News (certain articles require a free subscription).

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