DAM News Round-Up – 26th February 2024

DAM News Round-Up

A selection of DAM-related articles from around the web, sourced by the DAM News editorial team.

BRIA Raises $24M Series A to Pioneer Responsible Visual Generative AI For Enterprises

Generative AI platform BRIA have recently announced that it has raised $24 million in series A funding, primarily to pioneer the ongoing development of responsible visual AI.  The majority of investors are venture capital firms, although Getty Images and Samsung also feature among the financiers.  According to a recent survey by Salesforce (registration required), a startling 43% of consumers do not trust AI companies to use AI ethically – a statistic mirrored by the growing number of copyright claims against numerous AI platforms.  The press release states that BRIA’s approach is to focus on building “predictable, accurate, safe and responsible visual generative AI”.

The Disambiguation Dilemma: Metadata

This recent post from DAM vendor selection platform The DAM Playbook explores the issue of disambiguation when deciphering and organising the vast amounts of data we’re collectively generating, and how gaining a deeper understanding of metadata in a new era of AI and data-driven decision-making is crucial in driving innovation and unlocking the full potential of such data.  The post introduces The DAM Playbook’s Data Explorer – an evaluative approach that can assist in numerous tasks, including: identifying and cataloguing digital assets by extracting metadata; analysing data workflows and processes; troubleshooting metadata management practices; identifying gaps in metadata; and supporting change management.

Faceted Classification and Faceted Taxonomies

Author and Taxonomist Heather Hedden takes a concise look at the subtle differences between classification systems and taxonomies, namely faceted classification and faceted taxonomies.  With her usual detailed approach, Heather presents a brief history of faceted classification, including the Colon Classification system developed by renowned mathematician S.R. Ranganathan, and how faceted classification can also be understood by considering a facet for each of a collection of simple question words: what, who, where, when and why.

How to Create a Digital Asset Management Strategy that Works

Partner and Managing Director at DAM consultants AVP, Kara Van Malssen, has recently published an in-depth DAM strategy guide, based on a framework authored by noted US strategist Richard Rumelt.  The strategy also includes a free downloadable DAM Strategy Canvas (email registration required) that allows you to keep track of your ideas and actions.  The article provides a detailed step-by-step guide to developing your DAM strategy, including tips on aligning your stakeholders with the key challenges, assessing user needs, identifying data requirements, conducting data, technical and operational gap analysis, prioritising key actions, and gathering key metrics.

Google reminds publishers and merchants not to strip metadata from images

IPTC, the global standards body for the new media, highlights Google’s recent request for merchants to leave key metadata fields intact, especially the Digital Source Type field, which can be used to denote whether content was created or modified by generative AI. A number of popular social media platforms programmatically strip metadata from uploaded images, including Facebook, Instagram and X (formerly Twitter).

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