DAM News Round-Up – 25th September 2023

A selection of DAM-related articles from around the web, sourced by the DAM News editorial team.

Accelerate the Marketing Lifecycle with Role-Driven DAM

This concise and insightful article from licensing, rights and royalties solutions provider FADEL takes a look at methods to improve your DAM’s worth by identifying the key roles that interact with your digital assets, and how distributing tasks across different teams can yield increased productivity, quicker time to market, and improved workflows.  Key roles and their functions include marketing operations, content creators, rights managers, compliance officers, and content consumers such as those creating campaigns.

Data Driven Design Thinking

Digital Asset Management consultant and creator of The DAM Playbook, Mark Davey, explores the concept of a Meta-Optimal Unified Content Strategy – an approach that “seeks to take the best principles of design thinking and supercharge them”.  Mark lays out the benefits of adopting such a methodology and compares it to traditional design thinking across a number of areas, including cost, integration, scalability, stakeholder engagement, future-proofing your DAM, and collaboration.

3 Steps for DAM Automation and Integration

Digital Asset Management services provider CyanGate present three steps to improving your DAM integration and automation strategy.  Tips include identifying every piece of metadata to help with fulfilling your DAM’s ‘single source of truth’, being aware of your digital asset supply chain, including both upstream and downstream consumption, and prioritising automation and integration of the most laborious and time-consuming aspects of your workflow, such as imports, exports and manual metadata entry.

Frontify acquires TwicPics: A brand new era for DAM

Swiss brand management solutions provider Frontify has recently announced the acquisition of French cloud-based image and video processing service TwicPics, known for its responsive image and video optimisation tools.  The procurement will combine enterprise-level digital media processing and delivery with Frontify’s existing Brand Asset Management (BAM) and print templating platforms.

What is DAM missing?

This refreshing and engaging article from DAM professional Craig Laurence Stevens poses a number of pertinent questions regarding the current state of DAM software: are DAM systems too bloated, does such complexity incur unnecessary costs, make integrations more difficult and adversely affect user adoption, is adding AI to everything actually helping?  Craig also takes a look at the challenges – both technical and practical – faced by vendors and software developers wishing to adopt to a more modular design ethos, and how this relates to DAM and martech stacks.

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