DAM News Round-Up – 25th January 2021

A collection of recent DAM-related articles from around the web, sourced from DAM Federation member, Planet DAM.

How to Solve Ecommerce Digital Asset Management Challenges

In this recent blog post, DAM software provider Pics.io take a look at a number of common issues faced with ecommerce content, and how a Digital Asset Management system can help your overcome them.  With a list of five challenges, ranging from findability issues to brand inconsistency and scalability, the article presents a number of corresponding solutions.  A good start if you’re considering a spring clean of your ecommerce content and workflow.

What is the ROI of brand equity, and how does DAM serve as insurance for your brand?

Digital Asset Management vendor Bynder discuss brand equity – or the perception a consumer has of a brand’s value based on various factors including brand awareness, recognition, and what kind of experience they have had with the brand. Focusing on three major ROI types – decreasing advertising spend, a higher price point, and company expansion – the article examines three case studies that demonstrate the protection, value, and insurance benefits that a successful DAM system can provide to your company’s brand.

Save the Shoot, Build a Robust DAM Platform

Stacks, a visual asset consultant, have recently published an article exploring the effects of the widespread cancellation of creative photoshoots due to COVID-19, and how brands can look at recycling their own back catalogue for potential solutions.  With a list of ten innovative and practical steps that businesses can take to utilise their existing creative assets, the article should prove useful for those looking to squeeze the most out of their DAM systems.

What is Martech and How Does DAM Fit In?

The word ‘martech’ is a commonly used phrase here on DAM News, and DAM vendor ImageRelay‘s Daniel Devoe has just posted an article investigating its true meaning, and how it is set to become a major part of the digital expertise toolkit.  With some eye-opening statistics, the differences between martech and adtech are compared, along with a look at what a typical marketing technology software stack might contain, and how DAM fits into the bigger picture.  Certainly worth a read if you need to familiarise yourself with the current state of the modern digital marketing skillset.

Hierarchies in Taxonomies, Thesauri, Ontologies, and Beyond

Author, knowledge engineer, and expert taxonomist Heather Hedden takes a look at hierarchies and the numerous subtle definitions and roles they have within taxonomies, thesauri, and ontologies.  As a discipline that underpins our understanding of the world around us, Heather’s article represents a fascinating, if slightly complex, glimpse at the practical structure of information and its classification.

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