DAM News Round-Up – 24th January 2022

DAM News Round-Up

A collection of recent DAM and marketing technology related articles from around the web.

PhotoShelter Acquires UK-Based Third Light to Accelerate Growth and Global Leadership in Digital Asset Management

Digital Asset Management software provider PhotoShelter has recently announced its acquisition of DAM solutions provider Third Light.  By acquiring Third Light and its DAM software Chorus, PhotoShelter will be expanding both their technical capabilities (primarily collaborative and creative workflow tools) and their UK customer base by adopting over 300 new customers.  The acquisition is in partnership with Boston-based private equity firm Clearhaven.

The Evolving Archive: How Born-Digital Assets and AI are Changing the Landscape for the AMNH Research Library

Systems Librarian and information specialist Jennifer Cwiok has recently published a case study of a DAM implementation at the American Museum of Natural History (AMNH), and how it has helped to establish a born-digital archives collection program. This well-written and engaging article takes us on the journey from receiving funding and building a management strategy, through to implementation, governance, workflow, archival and the introduction of AI and image recognition to assist with automated metadata and connecting both digital and physical assets to collections data.

How to Develop a Content Taxonomy and Organize Your Content Assets

DAM software provider Pics.io present a basic primer on organising your digital content and improving its discoverability by implementing a content taxonomy.  The article provides the key reasons for needing to do this, such as content duplication and improving user experience, along with a number of tips and insights for building your own, such as knowing your customers’ needs, compiling relevant keywords, and deciding which type of taxonomy to implement (flat, hierarchical, or network).

The Evolution of Digital Asset Management: Innovating in Technology

Picking up from the first article in its three part ‘Evolution of Digital Asset Management’ series, DAM vendor Wedia present 8 key ways in which DAM platforms have demonstrated their ability to be innovative (contrary to our opinion that the sector has been somewhat lacking in innovation for over a decade).  These innovations include universal media support, AI automation, advanced video capabilities, the COPE model of content distribution, integration and APIs, analytics, personalisation, and improved marketing integration features designed to push content to sales and eCommerce systems.

Digital Asset Management in Broadcasting – A Case Study of VRT

This recent case study from Norwegian DAM vendor FotoWare provides a brief behind-the-scenes look at Belgian broadcaster VRT, and how they have used DAM integrations to manage their media content, and by providing a ‘single source of truth’, have improved publishing and marketing workflows across their whole organisation.

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