DAM News Round-Up – 24th February 2020

A collection of recent DAM-related articles from around the web, sourced from DAM Federation member, Planet DAM.

Discoverability in the Wild: Uncontrolled Tagging and DAM

Metadata expert Tracy Wolfe has recently posted an article on LinkedIn exploring the issue of uncontrolled tagging and the ensuing chaos it can cause within DAM systems.  Offering a list of simple tips and tricks which include stemming, natural language programming (NLP), user based feedback and simple filtering, the article represents a good place to start if your in-house tagging practices are causing findability issues.  Tracy will also be appearing at the upcoming DAM NY conference as part of the panel for the ‘Those DAM Keywords and Controlled Vocabularies’ session.

A DAM Industry: “What Should We Call This Damn Industry?”

The nomenclature of the DAM industry is put on trial again in this pun-heavy article from Scott Smith.  Confusingly, Scott argues both for and against the preservation of the term ‘Digital Asset Management’.  On one hand he supports the idea that the term is an ill-fitting misnomer that suggests some kind of finance-based activity (which he claims has already overtaken the current use of the term), yet on the other hand he fails to present any viable alternatives, giving more attention to cringe-worthy wordplay (using ‘damn’ no less than 12 times), whilst his supporting evidence appears to be a cursory search of LinkedIn and Google.  To be fair, Scott does point to a previous discussion on DAM News which contains a number of cogent opinions from DAM practitioners.

Stages of Digital Asset Management Evolution

Digital Asset Management software provider ImageRelay have recently published an article that tracks the evolution of a DAM system, from having no process in place, through to implementing a ‘Single Source of Truth’ and on to streamlining and integrating DAM as part of a wider digital asset supply chain.  With a number of basic tips and practical takeaways, it’s a simple guide for those just starting out on their DAM journey.

A Brand Management Maturity Model, Part Four: Technology

Jake Athey, VP of Marketing and Customer Experience at DAM solutions provider Widen continues his series on brand management.  In this instalment Jake focuses on the martech stack (marketing technology), how research shows that most companies only utilise about 60% of their software’s capabilities, and what steps can be taken to leverage your DAM system by integrating it with your marketing technology and using a range of analytics to better understand your brand assets in terms of metadata, workflow and usage, ultimately maximising ROI and brand value.

Why DAM is the Most Important Part of Your Business Strategy

DAM software vendor MerlinOne provide a number of reasons why Digital Asset Management should be considered the most important aspect of your business strategy. Whether you’re a real-estate agent or an engineering firm, this easy-to-digest article lists a range of benefits that cover time-saving, productivity, collaboration, security, integration and artificial intelligence.  A free eBook is also available for download.

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