DAM News Round-Up – 24th April 2023

A selection of DAM related articles from around the web, compiled by the DAM News editorial team.

Spinakr Solutions Acquires UK-Based Brandworkz, Setting New Market Standards in Technology and Marketing

Digital Asset Management solution provider Brandworkz have recently been acquired by US consulting firm Spinakr Solutions.  Having been sales partners since July 2015, this official partnership may simply be an administrative move in order to consolidate Brandworkz operations and increase their customer base in the US market.  For an in-depth analysis of the current trends in DAM software market consolidation, check out my co-contributor Ralph Windsor’s recent article on the topic of DAM acquisitions.

The State of Digital Asset Management in 2023

This recent report from DAM provider Brandfolder provides an interesting snapshot of the current trends and attitudes towards content management from its users.  Based on a survey across 300 marketing and creative types, this well-constructed 40-page report includes a good range of useful metrics and user feedback, with key findings that cover DAM usability, satisfaction, common pain-points, challenges and benefits.  Easy-to-digest charts and headings, and genuinely useful statistics (e.g. DAM implementation turnaround times and adoption rates) make this a worthwhile read for DAM experts and novices alike.  Email registration is required.

ChatGPT: The Trigger That Will Budge Late-Stage Capitalism

This recent article from Ahmed Bouzid predicts that ChatGPT and other such AI-powered generative technologies will not only result in the loss of jobs, but could also herald the rapid decimation of entire sectors.  However, Ahmed goes on to explain how widespread white-collar redundancies could ultimately be the catalyst for a shift in sentiment towards labour displacement and exploitation among blue-collar and manual workers, which have long been considered necessary evils in the pursuit of profit.  A refreshing and engaging read from an alternative socio-political stance.

4 Benefits of Good DAM Metadata for Creatives [And Why You Should Care]

DAM vendor Tenovos takes a look at the numerous benefits of adopting healthy metadata practices, including getting closer to your company’s diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) goals, improvements in the discoverability of your digital assets, increasing reusability, and decreasing duplicate content.  Additional advice includes tips on common integrations such as creative software suites, project and campaign management platforms, product information management (PIM) systems, and digital rights management (DRM) workflows.

How ChatGPT Can Help With Digital Asset Management Workflow Setup

This recent article from DAM software provider Pics.io makes a number of recommendations for using ChatGPT to assist with your DAM setup.  Although you might be (rightfully) sceptical at the suggestion of relying on what is essentially a massive web-scraping magic 8 ball to make such expensive decisions as which DAM vendor to choose, the AI’s natural language processing capabilities can nonetheless be a useful creative sidekick in other areas.  Duties that are more suited to ChatGPT’s Mechanical Turk approach include developing metadata schemas and compiling generic documentation and training information such as basic instructions on uploading assets to a DAM system.

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