DAM News Round-Up – 23rd May 2022

A selection of DAM and marketing technology related articles from around the web.

What Europe’s AI Act Could Mean for Marketers

The EU has recently announced a series of measures to monitor, regular and ban the use of machine learning technology in its Artificial Intelligence Act.  This recent article from CMSWire provides a breakdown of the proposed regulations, which are split into three broad levels: unacceptable risk, high risk, and low risk.  Much like GDPR, the policies will affect any organisation that targets users within the European Union and covers a broad range of use cases from lowly chatbots and monitoring customer sentiment to law enforcement and government infrastructure technologies such as facial recognition.  A detailed and interesting read, covering the potential ramifications of legislating a relatively young and emergent technology.

What’s New With Extensis Connect?

Digital Asset Management solutions provider Extensis have combined their font management and ‘economy’ version DAM software for smaller marketing and creative teams into a single cloud-based software package.  Connect Assets and Connect Fonts (powered by Suitcase) are now available as a unified platform, which is also capable of tapping into third party storage providers such as Google Drive, Box, and Dropbox.  Connect Fonts can also assist in choosing complementary fonts via its font-pairing suggestion feature.  The browser-based software promises to be “easy to launch, easy to learn, and easy to use“.

Tripnity, creator of the SaaS platform Iconosquare, joins the Wedia group!

DAM software vendor Wedia have just announced their acquisition of French outfit Tripnity, creator of Iconosquare – an SaaS analytics and digital management tool for organisations wishing to capitalise on their social media network presence.  According to Wedia’s founder, Nicolas Boutet, the partnership with Iconosquare will enable them to “provide a seamless solution to manage all marketing content & visuals, deliver them dynamically across all social networks and digital channels, and ultimately measure the effectiveness of that marketing content. It’s a unique, comprehensive turnkey solution.

Merlin NOMAD-as-a-Service

DAM platform provider MerlinOne‘s NOMAD software is now available as a service, effectively opening up their AI technology for use within any DAM system.  We’ve reviewed NOMAD here on DAM News in the past, and this new iteration of their purely visual search technology is now available for both images and video, bringing greater discoverability to all of your digital assets.  You can read more about NOMAD for Video at the following URL: https://merlinone.com/nomad-for-video/.

Guide Your Creative Budget with DAM Data

This recent blog post from Digital Asset Management vendor Widen discusses how to get the most out of your creative budget by leveraging the power of a DAM system.  The article poses a number of troubleshooting type questions, such as how often and in what context assets are being used, which content is generating the most leads, and how easily creative assets can be found, used and repurposed across different channels and campaigns.  A useful breakdown of where costs are incurred in a creative budget is also provided, along with a number of useful tips and insights for streamlining your creative workflows and using DAM-generated metrics to gauge performance and tailor your content to provide maximum ROI.

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