DAM News Round-Up – 23rd January 2023

Digital Asset Management News

A series of DAM related articles from around the web, sourced by the DAM News editorial team.

AI art generator Stable Diffusion faces another copyright lawsuit, this time from Getty

As AI-powered image generation platforms such as DALL-E and Midjourney gain more popularity, concerns surrounding the copyright status of the millions of images that are used to train such models are also coming to the fore.  This recent article from Techspot announces the latest lawsuit against Stability AI – the developer of the free-to-use AI tool Stable Diffusion.  Stock image giant Getty Images is claiming that Stability AI unlawfully scraped and processed millions of images (many still containing Getty Images’ watermark) to benefit its commercial interests to the detriment of the original content creators.  Midjourney is also facing a class action lawsuit launched by three artists for allegedly violating copyright laws.

Best Practices for “Moving In” to a New DAM Platform

This recent guide from DAM consultants Stacks Team provides a number of best practice tips for migrating to a new Digital Asset Management system, using the analogy of moving into a new house.  Advice includes thoroughly researching and evaluating your new destination platform, identifying the most valuable and commonly used assets to be migrated first to minimise downtime, planning your metadata taxonomy and keywords, and sourcing a third-party specialist to assist with your migration.

AI’s Missing Ingredient – Intelligent Content

Content and digital transformation specialist Alan J. Porter takes a look at the promises that AI has to offer, and how many of them are not being fulfilled due to existing working methods and outmoded attitudes towards content creation.  So-called ‘intelligent content’ needs to be underpinned by context, or as Alan goes on to explain, content that is modular, coherent, self-aware, and quantum.

DAM Vs. MAM: 5 Big Differences That Are Overlooked

This recent blog post from media management and collaboration platform provider iconik presents the five key differences between MAM (media asset management) and DAM (Digital Asset Management), and how overlooking such differences can lead to a solution that doesn’t quite fit your needs.  Along with a breakdown of the similarities between the two types of platform, the highlighted benefits of a MAM system include user accessibility, hot and cold storage, support for large volumes of media files, multiple video format support, and support for production of digital assets throughout their entire lifecycle, including integration with media production software.

How to set up your DAM best practices and use cases: unis and schools

Australian DAM consultancy databasics provides a useful guide to setting up and deploying a DAM initiative in universities and schools.  The article explains how educational institutions tend to have a large number of users in different departments that are often distributed across different campuses, so any given DAM solution will need to cater for such a scenario by allowing digital content to be gathered from a large number of sources, both internally and externally.  The case studies provided focus on using the Canto DAM system to generate upload links, and to allow teams to collaborate on projects in a ring-fenced area of the DAM using its dedicated ‘Workspaces’ feature.

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