DAM News Round-Up – 22nd May 2023

A selection of DAM-related articles from around the web, sourced by the DAM News editorial team.

Just Calm Down About GPT-4 Already

Serial entrepreneur, author, robotics researcher and academic don Rodney Brooks slices through the hype surrounding artificial intelligence in this candid interview.  Rodney’s insightful opinions cover a range of topics including the shortcomings of ChatGPT and other large language models (LLM), the broken promise of self-driving cars, the evolution of warehouse robotics, and whether the huge valuations and investment into AI-based businesses can ever be justified.  An intriguing and worthwhile read for anyone interested in this emerging technology.

A Brief History of Creative Assets’ Legal Woes

This recent blog post from Digital Asset Management solutions provider Extensis takes a look at the history of copyright and the licensing of digital assets, beginning with the issue of a US patent for a typeface back in 1842 (fonts were later to be excluded from copyright protection in 1976, and then included again as recent as 1992).  The article also contains a list of cautionary high profile copyright infringement cases, including Marvin Gaye’s claim against the ‘Blurred Lines’ song, Universal Music’s case against the use of Prince’s music in the Dancing Baby video, Apple’s claim that Samsung copied the iPhone, and the now public domain song ‘Happy Birthday’.

Midjourney and Shutterstock AI sign up to use of IPTC Digital Source Type to signal generated AI content

Following on from the news that Google will be using IPTC’s Digital Source Type to denote AI-generated content, two additional platforms have announced that they will be using the metadata in their own synthetic content creations.  Both Midjourney and stock library Shutterstock have signed up to embedding the tag, which will subsequently be shown in Google’s image search results.  Further information about IPTC’s metadata guidance on synthetic media can be viewed here.

Introducing Forensic Watermarking: Learn the True Value of Asset Protection

DAM software provider MediaValet have recently announced their integration with Steg.AI  – a watermarking technology that can also detect whether any of your digital assets have been manipulated.  The article explains how this forensic watermarking can protect your assets, copyright and intellectual property by verifying ownership and discouraging unauthorised use or distribution.

11 Best Artificial Intelligence Courses & Certifications

If you’re keen to brush up on your artificial intelligence skillset, this blog post from tech writer Michelle Hawley presents a list of top-tier courses covering machine learning, cloud-computing and natural language processing, such as Harvard’s self-paced Certificate in Computer Science for Artificial Intelligence.  According to online job marketplace Indeed, searches for AI related jobs have increased over 8000% since 2021, while opportunities relating to AI have increased by 30%.  The article also provides a list of the most requested AI skills, with a breakdown of the corresponding job posting statistics over the last couple of months.

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