DAM News Round-Up – 22nd March 2021

A collection of recent DAM-related articles from around the web, sourced from DAM Federation member, Planet DAM.

Four Tips For More Successful DAM Implementations

If you are embarking on a new DAM initiative, DAM News Editor Ralph Windsor has compiled a number of tips to help you plan and implement your project.  Having been in the industry for over 25 years, Ralph’s impartial, vendor-agnostic advice is based on real-world experience and includes actionable insights that dig somewhat deeper than the generic advice found in many of the vendors’ thinly veiled ‘advertorials’.  The recommendations in Ralph’s feature article move away from the technical and product-centric aspects of DAM and focus more on people-related issues such as the importance of taking the lead during demos, planning your implementation ahead of the vendor selection process, and mapping out your entire digital asset supply chain in order to better understand the purpose of your DAM.

Build connections with ResourceSpace 9.5

Montala have recently announced the release of version 9.5 of their flagship ResourceSpace DAM platform.  The update appears to contain a number of small changes that focus primarily on user collaboration and sharing – uploading a profile image and biography, the ability to tag other users, and sharing links so that external users without a login can be invited to upload assets to a particular collection.  A full list of changes can be viewed in the additional release notes.

You Don’t Need a Digital Asset Management System If…

DAM software provider Filecamp present and evaluate a number of scenarios where a DAM system might not be the ideal solution.  With echoes of an article written by David Diamond back in 2013, the post highlights cost, scale, branding, collaboration, a lack of talent, and an unwillingness to change as potential factors that might prevent a business from wanting, or indeed needing, to upgrade their systems and practices to that of a fully-fledged DAM system.

Best Practices for Using DAM to Unify your Organization

DAM and content consultants Stacks have published a blog post listing a number of best practices that can help to unify your organisation and streamline your workflows.  The advice covers onboarding everyone in the planning process, preserving existing workflows that are functioning effectively,  identifying bottlenecks, staggering rollouts to new departments to avoid mass disruption, and avoid trying to shoehorn complex processes into a one-size-fits-all solution.

Why Optimizing Content Lifecycle Management Matters

Digital Asset Management vendor Aprimo highlight a series of challenges associated with customer experience (CX), many of which can be attributed to a poor content operations.  The articles explains how issues such as poor findability, fractured repositories, stale content, problematic version control, and a general disarray within workflows can be overcome by fixing and optimising the management of your content lifecycle, namely the planning, creation, reuse, distribution and archival of your digital assets.  The article presents a list of potential solutions and insights, along with an interactive self-assessment test to gauge the speed and effectiveness of your existing content lifecycle management processes.

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