DAM News Round-Up – 22nd January 2024

A selection of DAM-related articles from around the web, sourced by the DAM News editorial team.

Guest Article: Why Vendors Must Embrace Integrated Creative Tools

DAM tool vendor Santa Cruz Software have recently published a guest article by DAM consultant Ralph Windsor.  The post explores the evolution of creative editing capabilities within DAM, such as cropping, resizing, and reformatting images for an increasing number of marketing and social media channels.  Ralph examines the challenges and limitations of automating design-based operations whilst preserving brand integrity, and draws attention to a new breed of creative tool integrations that can streamline and simplify web banner production and leverage AI to make design decisions.

Simplifying Omnichannel Marketing with DAM Automation

Digital Asset Management service provider CyanGate take a look at the key factors and components of omnichannel marketing, and how an automated DAM system can assist with integrating your processes and streamlining workflows by taking care of laborious manual tasks.  Automation tips cover asset organisation, content operations such as asset creation, approval and distribution, preparing and formatting assets for specific channels (such as ecommerce or social media), and enhanced collaboration.

Media, Managed: 5 DAM Essentials for Effective Asset Management in Media & Entertainment

DAM software provider Censhare present five key benefits of a DAM system for those working within media and entertainment.  Guidance covers scalability, improved discoverability via metadata management, integration with third-party tools such as photo and video editing platforms, streamlined rights, usage and licensing management, and implementing high-level security features to control access and prevent sensitive media assets.  A case study with specialist nursing publisher F.A. Davis is also provided, demonstrating how an integrated DAM can also be used as a workflow management tool.

How Artificial Neural Networks are Transforming The Digital Asset Management

Franco Anselmo, marketer with ascending French DAM outfit Scaleflex, investigates Neural Networks, and how endowing your DAM with the ability to learn from large amounts of data can increase throughput and open up functionality that can assist with the automation of repetitive and time-consuming tasks.  The article provides a simplified definition of neural networks and how they work, along with examples of their potential use within DAM, such as object detection, image classification, auto-tagging and computer vision.  The challenges and risks associated with data quality, bias, and transparency are also considered.

AI Copyright Infringement Quandary: Generative AI on Trial

This recent article from tech leader Frank Palermo discusses the ongoing concerns with copyright infringement amidst the widespread use of generative AI.  On one side, disgruntled artists and content creators are calling foul play and seeking recognition of ownership when their copyrighted work is used to train AI models.  On the other side, large tech companies are intimating vague claims of ‘fair use’ under US law.  This is a well-informed and engaging article that unveils some of the more obscure players, such as Common Crawl – a key resource for large learning models (LLMs) that is responsible for scraping 3-5 billion unvetted online pages per month.

Your guide to building a digital asset library taxonomy

DAM vendor Bynder presents a primer on building a custom taxonomy for your digital asset library – a foundational level component of any DAM system that facilitates the organisation and discoverability of your assets by underpinning common functions such as categorisation, tagging, and metadata.  The article covers best practice advice and provides a checklist of questions to consider before tackling the configuration of your own organisation’s DAM taxonomy. A free guide containing additional tips is also available for download.

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