DAM News Round-Up – 21st September 2020

A collection of recent DAM-related articles from around the web, sourced from DAM Federation member, Planet DAM.

DAM Rockstar 1: Getting stakeholder buy-in to a winning plan

Marketing and technology consultancy ICP have posted up a series of question and answer responses from their ‘Stump the DAM Rockstar’ session at the recent Henry Stewart Festival of DAM.  The first session covers stakeholder buy-in and building a case for DAM – a subject we’ve covered previously on DAM News. In this article, Victor Lebon works through a number of pertinent questions covering a wide range of topics including ROI propositions, how to convince stakeholders of the importance of DAM, considerations when migrating systems, and post-migration archival strategies.

Fantasy of the No-Code Utopia (tactic)

DAM software provider Southpaw discuss the issue of workflow engines and no-code solutions in this recent blog post.  This in-depth article covers the appeal of low-maintenance, non-technical workflow solutions, yet highlights the inherent shortcomings of a visual-based system compared to more conventional code-based approaches, which are capable of handling complex logic yet require dedicated developers.  If you’re new to the concept of workflow engines, the article represents a decent launch point to help you decide which model might best suit your organisation’s needs.

Tagging People in Images

Unless you’ve been under a rock for the last ten years, the concept of tagging people in photos should be a familiar one – from smartphones to Facebook, the combination of facial recognition technology and metadata is now commonplace in our lives.  In this brief article, DAM solutions provider Tandem Vault cover a variety of different methods available when tagging people, including keywords and the IPTC ‘Person Shown’ fields, to traditional captions, machine learning (ML) and region tagging.

Choosing a DAM

Software vendor Aprimo, cover the basics of choosing a DAM system.  Kicking off with five questions to help you decide which problems you’re attempting to solve, the article follows up with a list of DAM capabilities to consider before investigating the numerous solutions available.  If you’re completely new to the concept of DAM, you might also want to check out the DAM News Open Specification for a detailed breakdown of the features and functions a DAM system can potentially offer.

How creative automation tools can help teams elevate marketing personalization

The topic of marketing personalisation is discussed in this recent blog post from DAM software provider Bynder.  With some interesting statistics (by 2025, 80% of marketers will abandon personalisation due to lack of ROI), the issue of sustainability is also raised, along with concerns about privacy and customers feeling ‘creeped out’ due to either the frequency or level of intimacy in the marketing communications they receive.  The practice of micro-segmentation is also covered, along with questioning whether better personalisation actually results in better results.  Cautionary tales about the ‘twilight of personalisation’ aside, the article ultimately segues into a plug for Bynder’s own creative automation tools.

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