DAM News Round-Up – 21st December 2020

A collection of recent DAM-related articles from around the web, sourced from DAM Federation member, Planet DAM.

As this is likely to be our last article for 2020, we’d like to take this opportunity to wish you all a safe and pleasant season, and to thank our clients, subscribers, partners and colleagues for their continued custom and loyalty.

6 Important Digital Asset Management Trends for 2021

Founder of Pica9’s CampaignDrive platform, Kevin Groome, has recently published a detailed and thorough article that highlights six upcoming trends in Digital Asset Management for the coming year.  The topics covered include human-centred design, the exodus from on-premise to cloud-based storage, API-first DAMs, templating, workflows, and the importance of human-based roles within DAM in relation to the much hyped yet often underwhelming performance of AI and autotagging.  A good, informative read for anyone involved in DAM.

DAM: a central part of your sales enablement tool kit

Digital Asset Management solutions provider Digizuite explore the benefits of DAM in relation to your brand and marketing technology stack.  Highlighting the new challenges faced by marketers during a global pandemic, the article provides a number of useful insights and tips for getting the most out of your DAM system, and how its position at the centre of your martech stack makes it a crucial component for delivering rich user experiences and engaging digital content.

Metadata and folder structures: How to find and organize digital assets.

In this brief article, DAM solutions provider Stacks focus on the topic of findability and organisation of your digital assets.  By using the simple analogy of locating a hotel room, the post focuses on two main types of search: via the front desk, which represents the use of metadata; and by signage, which represents your folder structure.  The pros and cons of each method are discussed, along with numerous tips to identify bottlenecks and implement best practices to improve the general health and housekeeping of your DAM.

The 3 biggest obstacles for DAM projects: Integration with other systems

We’ve often covered the topic of Digital Asset Supply Chains and the notion that a modern DAM system represents its control hub.  In this short article in a series on obstacles within DAM, services provider Celum investigate the issues that can arise from having an isolated DAM, and how a lack of integration with upstream and downstream services such as PIM, CMS and CRM can chip away at the integrity of your DAM as a single source of truth.

Is a Media Supply Chain Toolset All I Need?

At a time when we’re consuming more digital content than ever before, media and content solutions provider Dalet highlight the risk of throwing out the baby with the bathwater when looking for slimmer and sleeker technology alternatives – an exercise that many organisations may be considering in an attempt to replace old legacy systems and move away from complex and monolithic enterprise platforms.  Although the article is promoting their own services, the message here is nonetheless an important one: make sure your DAM or MAM solution is flexible enough to be able to connect, integrate and scale with the wider supply chain.

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