DAM News Round-Up – 21st August 2023

A selection of DAM-related articles from around the web, sourced by the DAM News editorial team.

Acquia DAM Bolsters Search, Share, and Analytics Capabilities

Acquia (formerly Widen) has recently announced a number of updates to their DAM platform.  Aimed at efficiency and speed, the improvements include a redesigned search experience with greater flexibility and filtering options, new options for sharing assets and common searches, better tag and keyword management with clickable tags to show all assets with the same tag, and enhanced analytics options with new charts and API endpoints to enable greater insights into your asset usage.

Is Your DAM a Partner or a Vendor? It Makes a Crucial Difference

This thought-provoking article from Digital Asset Management software provider Tenovos distinguishes between a DAM partner and a DAM vendor, along with outlining some of the questionable tactics that the latter is often guilty of.  The post also explores the problem of becoming stuck in a loop of under-utilisation, which in turn leads to evaluation of a new DAM system, and thus the cycle continues.  DAM consultant Ralph Windsor has also examined this trend in a feature article, which he aptly describes as the ‘Revolving Door DAM Implementation‘.

5 common challenges easily solved with Digital Asset Management

DAM vendor FotoWare highlight five tell-tale signs that your content management processes are inadequate, and that it might be time to shift your operations to a more capable DAM system.  Common issues include unorganised storage practices and poor discoverability of assets, unreliable collaboration processes, time-consuming and clunky web or print publishing workflows, cumbersome methods to revoke archived or outdated digital assets, and scalability issues when your content operations outgrow your systems.

5 Best Practices For Storing Assets with Numbers and Metadata

This recent post from Danish outfit Digizuite provides five best practice tips on improving your DAM workflows by ensuring your metadata is in order.  Guidance includes implementing consistent file naming and numbering conventions, metadata standardisation, version control and tracking, ensuring adequate user permissions and access controls are in place, and regularly backing up your DAM system and performing audits to keep your content and metadata up-to-date.

The 3 Levels of DAM Program Management

Consultants Stacks take a look at the different roles and responsibilities within DAM program management.  Using the analogous positions of a politician, a middle manager at an electric company, and an electrician, the article outlines how each of these roles is necessary in order to deliver a full service, or in the case of DAM, your digital assets.  The article further breaks down these levels in relation to DAM: Tactical Execution (those using the DAM system on a daily basis), Maintenance and Governance (the DAM gatekeeper or champion), and Strategic Leadership (those responsible for devising and implementing the overarching DAM strategy).

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