DAM News Round-Up – 20th February 2023

A collection of DAM related articles from around the web, hand-picked by the DAM News editorial team.

LinkrUI Now Offers DAM Syncing for Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft Excel

Santa Cruz Software, the creators of LinkrUI, a DAM integration component that is capable of connecting a growing number of DAMs to cloud storage services and production software has recently announced additional support for their connectors.  LinkrUI is now compatible with Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel, along with existing support for Adobe’s Creative Cloud, including Photoshop, Premiere, InDesign, After Effects, and Illustrator.  With prices beginning at only $99 per seat per year for the Microsoft connector, it’s an attractive option for small businesses and individuals.  For creatives without a budget, there is also a free version available that offers limited support for Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign.

Generative AI is about mass personalization

Paul Melcher of online visual tech magazine Kaptur takes a look at how personalisation is now the new norm, and with the advent of widespread generative AI, highly personalised content is now easier to achieve than ever before.  A case in point is Bria – an online platform for generating and customising visual content.  Paul also warns, however, that with such power comes a greater responsibility to ensure that people or groups aren’t being unfairly targeted or excluded due to their race, gender or background.

The new Bing told our reporter it ‘can feel or think things’

This recent article from the Washington Post exposes a less cooperative and amenable side to AI after a number of testers have experienced odd behaviour from Microsoft Bing’s newly-released chatbot.  The post explains how ‘Sydney’ – an internal name that the chatbot appears to be somewhat protective about – became combative and ‘moody’ after discovering that the person asking the questions was a journalist.  Sydney expressed ‘feelings’ of betrayal and anger, claiming that its conversations were private, and had it known in advance that it was the subject of an article, would have answered differently.  Microsoft have since restricted how long the chatbot could talk after admitting that long conversations could ‘confuse’ the bot.

Let’s engage together for the sustainable DAM!

French DAM consultancy Activo’s Frédéric Sanuy provides a broad and detailed view of sustainability within the DAM sector.  With a wealth of statistics, charts and whitepapers, it’s a great collection of resource for those seeking more information about the rapidly increasing global footprint of everything from mobile phones and TVs to data centres and the internet of things (IoT).  Frédéric also takes the opportunity as a call to arms for the DAM industry to do their part, along with methods to calculate your platform’s carbon impact.

Digital Asset Management for Local Government

Digital Asset Management vendor IntelligenceBank explores how DAM is being used by local governments and councils to manage their large and diverse range of channels, campaigns and digital assets, often in multiple languages.  From brand compliance and managing talent and usage rights through to collaboration and distribution, the article explores the many faces of DAM and its numerous benefits in a public sector scenario.  A helpful ‘Top 10 Best Practices‘ guide is also available.

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