DAM News Round-Up – 1st August 2022

A collection of recent DAM-related articles from around the web.

Widen Bolsters Digital Asset Management (DAM) Ecosystem With New Martech Integrations

DAM solutions provider Widen (now part of Acquia) have recently announced new additions to their DAM and PIM platforms by way of integrations, improving both off-the-shelf connectors and third-party integrations using their API.  Developments in managed integrations include GRIN, FADEL, Egnyte and Wistia, whilst third-party partnerships include Storyteq, Moovly, Mediafly and Visme.  This takes the total number of Widen integrations to almost 50.  For further information, visit their dedicated page at https://www.widen.com/integrations.

Interview with Paul Melcher about Synthetic Media

Another DAM Podcast creator Henrik de Gyor presents a recent interview with visual tech specialist Paul Melcher.  Topics covered include the emergence of synthetic media, the risks of deepfakes, and the inevitability of AI-based processes and tools becoming commonplace.

Taxonomy Challenges Discussed at SLA Conference

Author and Taxonomist Heather Hedden provides a breakdown of this year’s SLA (Special Libraries Association) conference, taking place in Charlotte, NC from July 31st to August 2nd.  Heather also discusses the panel on current taxonomy challenges (in which she participated), and summarises the responses to the question “What are the pain points or challenges in your taxonomy work?”, along with other challenges, such as having to build a COVID related taxonomy in time for a 2020 scheduled thesaurus update.

From DAM to BAM by Papirfly™ – The future is Brand Activation Management

This recent article from Papirfly (formerly BrandMaster) explores the topic of Brand Activation Management (not to be confused with Brand Asset Management) and the debate surrounding DAM vs. BAM.  Sadly, the article contains a number of spurious statistics concerning ROI and market value predictions (we’ve addressed the issue of so-called ‘research mills’ before on DAM News), although there are still a number of relevant figures from more reputable sources.  The article concludes with a breakdown of DAM vs. BAM, and oddly claims, without any evidence, that the latter is ‘more intuitive’.  Some interesting points, but reader vigilance is advised in order to root out the marketing-speak and baseless statistics.

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