DAM News Round-Up – 19th June 2023

A selection of DAM-related articles from around the web, sourced by the DAM News editorial team.

Transition Between DAMs: A Tale of 2 DAMs

Having undertaken a number of DAM migrations, I can attest that without the proper level of forensic preparation and groundwork, the project can often fall at the first hurdle due to missing, malformed or unsanitized data, incorrectly mapped fields, and unsupported digital asset formats.  This recent blog post from DAM vendor Pica9 provides some useful tips on transitioning between DAM systems, including guidance on preparing for the move, the importance of adopting a consistent methodology, and taking the opportunity to streamline workflows and declutter your system by removing unused or out-of-date assets.

5 Cool DAM Features You Might Not Know About

This article from Digital Asset Management solution provider Tenovos unlocks the hidden potential of DAM systems by examining five lesser-known features that can improve your workflow.  Tips include auto-tagging via AI generated suggestions, setting up schedules to identify and remove expired assets, adding content warnings and tags to assets that may raise DEI (diversity, equity and inclusion) issues, attaching product information to improve discoverability, and using your DAM’s built-in reporting and third-party business intelligence integrations to highlight areas for improvement.

7 Ways Enterprise Companies Can Empower External Collaboration With DAM

If you’re facing issues with collaborating with external suppliers or stakeholders, this blog post from DAM vendor Digizuite could help by providing a number of features that can assist in improving the way you share content.  Guidance includes centralised access, leveraging digital asset metadata to speed up searches, customising roles and permissions, version control, automation,  integration with productivity tools such as Wrike, Slack and Microsoft teams, and using analytics to monitor engagement levels and identify bottlenecks in your collaborative workflows.

PhotoShelter Acquires Socialie

This press release from DAM software provider PhotoShelter announces their recent acquisition of content distribution and analytics platform, Socialie.  The move will allow digital content to be monitored and tracked across numerous social media channels, facilitating increased automation and analytics across the entire digital asset lifecycle.  A full description of the acquisition, along with a list of the newly available features can be read here.

Midjourney vs. DALL-E 2 vs. Stable Diffusion. Which AI Image Generator Is Best for Marketers?

Most tech-savvy readers will be aware of the meteoric rise in the popularity (and associated hype) of Generative AI platforms in the last couple of years.  This article from tech writer Michelle Hawley takes three of the most popular platforms – OpenAI’s DALL-E, Midjourney, and Stable Diffusion – and compares their cost, performance, and suitability for use in marketing workflows.  Michelle compares each of them against three criteria: ease of use, copyright restrictions, and general functionality.  The breakdown for each platform also covers processing speed, how accurately text prompts are interpreted, scalability, and the various tiered packages and quotas that are on offer.

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