DAM News Round-Up – 19th February 2024

A selection of DAM-related articles fom around the web, sourced by the DAM News editorial team.

The birth of a new photography standard

Visual tech expert Paul Melcher explores the issue of trust in photography, and using the case of Pulitzer prize winning photographer Narciso Contreras as an example, demonstrates how easily that trust can be broken. The article also draws our attention to the latest developments in Content Credentials – an initiative established by the C2PA working group that has recently been adopted and endorsed by Meta, OpenAI and Google. Paul argues that providing a standardised method to authenticate the integrity of photography and images is “as important as the invention of photography itself“.

Why cloud hosted DAM is NOT less secure than on-premise

If you’re still of the belief that on-premise solutions are more secure than cloud-based operations – especially after a number of high-profile cloud breaches – this recent post from DAM vendor ResourceSpace may help to clarify the situation and dispel a few myths.  The article highlights the pros and cons of on-premise and cloud storage, and includes factors such as security, automatic updates, the storage of highly sensitive or regulated data, and the maintenance overheads often associated with on-premise solutions.

7 Signs You’re In A Failed DAM Relationship

This Valentine-themed article from DAM solutions provider Orange Logic identifies seven tell-tale signs that your DAM system might not be the ideal partner for your organisation.  Advice includes gauging the flexibility of your platform against your company’s various needs, whether or not your software is prepared for the future, issues with restricted integration options, limited AI functionality such as autotagging via facial recognition, and a loss of appeal due to an unintuitive, unattractive or outdated interface.

OpenAI Unveils Sora, Its Impressive AI Video Generator

Senior Editor at Simpler Media Group Michelle Hawley covers OpenAI’s launch of Sora – a new tool capable of generating realistic video from text prompts. The announcement was met by a groundswell of unease concerning deepfakes and job losses after a series of impressive demo videos were posted on X (formerly Twitter).  Although the same weirdness (malformed hands etc.) we saw in early versions of generative AI image tools is quite apparent (e.g. puppy cloning), such teething issues will inevitably decrease over time.  OpenAI have made reassurances that they will be taking important safety steps before making it publicly available by working with experts in misinformation, hateful content and bias.

Microsoft SharePoint and DAM systems in comparison

This recent post from German Digital Asset Management software provider teamnext explores the differences between Microsoft’s SharePoint and DAM systems.  The article covers the main features and functions of each platform, with a detailed breakdown of their respective benefits and disadvantages such as file format support, scalability, versioning, integration with third-party tools, AI functionality, access control and permissions, and cost implications.

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