DAM News Round-Up – 19th December 2022

A selection of DAM related articles from around the web, hand-picked by the DAM News editorial team.

How to choose – DAM vs. MAM

This recent post from DAM software provider Evolphin takes a detailed look at the differences between DAM and MAM (media asset management). Covering file types, file sizes, volume, user types and workflows, the article also discusses potential use cases for each platform type, plus a number of hints to help you decide which system is most suitable for your organisation.

What is strategic digital asset management (DAM)?

Digital Asset Management vendor Bynder investigates methods to improve ROI (return on investment) in your DAM system.  Topics include the key drivers of DAM adoption, an easy-to-digest analysis of the benefits to developing a DAM strategy, and a breakdown of the core features of a typical DAM system, conveniently categorised into storage, organisation, search, sharing, administration, and integration.  A free ROI report is also available to download (email registration required).

6 things to look out for (and ask) during a DAM demo

If your organisation has reached the procurement/vendor selection stage of implementing a DAM initiative, this recent blog post from open source DAM provider ResourceSpace presents six key considerations to bear in mind when taking candidate systems for a test drive.  Questions to ask vendors include confirming the pricing model and hidden costs, understanding which features are included as standard, which file types are supported, scalability, how easy the system is to integrate with your existing technology stack, and details regarding the DAM’s future and its development roadmap.

Organize digital assets like a pro with metadata and taxonomy

DAM solution provider WoodWing highlight a number of workflow benefits that can be achieved by taking control of your metadata and taxonomy.  Covering a number of enterprise level data management concepts and techniques, the article provides tips and insights on improving structure, search, usage rights, navigation, relationships, automation, and usage reporting and analysis.

2022: A Year of visual tech in review

Founder of online magazine Kaptur, Paul Melcher, summarises the past year’s trends, innovations and disruptions within the visual technology sector, along with some interesting statistics.  Topics discussed include the meteoric rise and widespread adoption of AI-based image generation tools such as DALL-E, Stable Diffusion and Midjourney, and more obscure technologies such as NeRF (Neural Radiance Fields), an emerging technology capable of rendering 3D scenes from 2D images in under a second.

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