DAM News Round-Up – 18th September 2023

FADEL Launches Digital Content Tracking for Premium Platforms

Rights and royalty management software providers FADEL have recently announced new functionality for their Brand Vision cloud-based content tracking feature.  The new release, expected to be rolled out on 30th September, will provide support for images and videos on TikTok, along with support for video tracking on Amazon and searches for assets using Google Vision.  The new functionality extends the existing support for video tracking for YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.

Discover digital assets faster with Canto AI Visual Search

Digital Asset Management vendor Canto have recently joined the growing number of DAM platforms that support visual search, a method of searching for assets based on natural language input that doesn’t rely on metadata.  Although any DAM professional knows that metadata is still crucially important in providing context and the underlying DNA for a host of other cataloguing and taxonomical functions, the uncoupling of search and metadata is still a useful feature and can facilitate a more streamlined workflow.  You can search for DAM platforms that support visual search in our vendor directory.

Stability AI Launches AI-Powered Music and Sound Generation with Stable Audio

If you’re experiencing a growing sense of déjà vu when listening to recent music, the feeling of having heard something before may yet become more pronounced.  According to a recent BBC article, one in four of the UK’s top 40 songs are currently using samples, and if this recycling of hooks and riffs isn’t enough to remind us that Western music might be considered a finite resource, Stability AI’s recent launch of an AI-powered prompt-based music generation service is set to increase the number of sound-alike tracks in circulation.  Stable Audio has been trained on production music (aka library music), which often specialises in musical mimicry in order to circumvent licensing issues, and a quick audition of its output further reinforces this impression.  Although potentially useful as a creative sidekick or inspirational understudy, ownership and copyright of the generated tracks is still somewhat of a contentious area, with limitations imposed on tracks that exceed a certain number of monthly active users.

Heritage Werks Acquires NetX

DAM software provider NetX has recently been acquired by leading US archival services and digitisation specialists Heritage Werks. According to the press release, NetX will operate as a subsidiary of Heritage Werks, continuing to provide its DAM platform as a standalone offering, with key personnel also remaining.  For a different perspective on acquisition trends within the DAM sector, you can check out Ralph Windsor’s article ‘The DAM Software Market’s Customer Acquisition Problem‘.

Ethical AI Image Initiative – Alamy Announces Industry Partnership

Stock image provider Alamy have recently announced the formation of ‘The Fair Diffusion Program‘ – a commitment to compensate photographers, artists and creators for any works that are used for the source material in generative AI image creation.  The AI model has been built by Bria and has been trained exclusively on licensed content from Alamy, Getty Images, Envato and other partners, and content will only be included after explicit consent has been given by the artist.  The cynical might view this as an attempt by the stock industry to catch a few morsels after its content has already been gobbled up by hungry AI platforms, but crediting the original artists is certainly a step in the right direction.

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