DAM News Round-Up – 17th May 2021

Digital Asset Management News

A collection of recent DAM-related articles from around the web, sourced from DAM Federation member, Planet DAM.

TV3 is live!

DAM platform provider Tandem Vault have recently announced the launch of the latest version of their software, TV3.  The new version boasts a full redesign and a ‘whole-organisation approach’.  The feature set includes lightboxes, comments, sharing, permissions, watermarking, and the ‘best rights manager in the business’.

FotoWare strengthens its position in the European market with the acquisition of Xenario UK Limited

Norwegian Digital Asset Management software vendor FotoWare have just announced the acquisition of Xenario Ltd – a former FotoWare reseller and partner based in the UK.  This comes shortly after two other recent acquisitions – Swedish outfit Buildpix AB, and Danish company InfoMAX ApS.  The move should help increase FotoWare’s coverage for British companies seeking a DAM solution; previous clients include North Wales Police, Marks & Spencer, and skincare brand Elemis.

3 Ways to Take Your DAM to the Next Level

DAM consultants Stacks present three ways to improve your DAM software’s effectiveness.  First up is data reporting – by collecting and analysing key metrics, you can drastically improve the efficiency of your DAM and identify its bottlenecks by providing a dashboard that highlights insights based on real usage data.  Secondly, the use of Artificial Intelligence can cut down the amount of time taken to tag assets and apply relevant metadata (only after you’ve manually processed enough assets to provide learning material for whatever AI engine you use).  The final tip is to create an archive – either in the traditional sense by putting legacy assets out to pasture in long-term storage, or to monetise them by making them available for purchase or license.

Custom Embedded XMP metadata – Make your assets “Self-Aware”

Metadata expert and software developer Dan Hudson presents a fairly detailed exploration of the little-known world of Custom Embedded XMP – additional information contained in digital files, usually photos and graphics. Dan explains how embedded XMP data is portable and contained within the digital file itself – that’s to say it’s not tied to a database or any external system, so it remains intact even if the file is copied, emailed or moved to another computer.

5 ways Digital Asset Management (DAM) Contributes to Retailers’ Bottom Line

If you’re a retailer, this recent blog post from professional services provider CyanGate lists five ways in which a DAM system can increase your bottom line.  From brand consistency and product information management (PIM), through to improved marketing and more flexible content delivery, this short but concise article contains a number of actionable tips and insights to help your organisation capitalise on the benefits of a centralised, well-connected DAM and keep up with the fast-paced retail landscape.

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