DAM News Round-Up – 17th February 2020

A collection of recent DAM-related articles from around the web, sourced from DAM Federation member, Planet DAM.

Digital Asset Management (DAM) Manager Job Description

In this recent blog post, DAM software provider ImageRelay continue with their series on the DAM Manager and provide a detailed breakdown of the various tasks and responsibilities the role might be expected to cover. From implementation and working closely with the vendor, through to user adoption, training, permissions, auditing, and the numerous day-to-day tasks of keeping a DAM and its assets up and running, the article represents a fairly concise boilerplate job description.

Top 5 use cases of Blockchain in the supply chain in 2020

Now that the frenzied first wave of crypto-currency popularity has receded, focus is slowly returning to the underlying infrastructure concepts, namely the blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT).  In this article from DAM solutions provider OpenText, the topic of implementing blockchains within supply chains is explored.  Kicking off with the notion that the modern supply is ‘creaking under its own complexity’, the various moving parts of blockchain technology are dissected and examined, along with five cases for its use in real-world scenarios including finance, logistics, payments and traceability.

What is Digital Rights Management (DRM)?

Digital Asset Management software provider Widen present a Digital Rights Management (DRM) primer in this recent blog post.  The article explores the basics of copyright, how the internet has made piracy exponentially easier, and the various methods employed to combat it including copy protection and permissions management.  The controversy surrounding DRM and consumer rights is also touched upon, along with some practical pointers for implementing your own DRM solutions such as watermarking, the use of rights-specific metadata fields, and presenting End User License Agreements (EULA) prior to downloading assets.

Third Light Chorus and Artificial Intelligence features

In this recent blog post, Digital Media Library software vendor ThirdLight present the latest Artificial Intelligence and ‘computer vision’ features in their flagship Chorus platform.  Although the back-end for the majority of these functions rely on Google APIs, including Google Cloud Vision for image recognition and Google Translate for multi-lingual image metadata, features such as ‘Dominant Color Detection’ and ‘Smart Cropping’ appear to be developed in-house.

IPTC releases new metadata standard

Photo curation, workflow and DAM consultant Carl Seibert has posted a summary of the IPTC’s latest photo metadata standard 2019.1which was publicly announced in December.  The article’s main focus is on ‘Image Regions’ – a new feature that allows users to define areas within an image and attach metadata descriptions to them.  Although similar technology (think face tagging) has been around for some time, this new IPTC version aims to standardise the format in which such information is defined and stored within the metadata schema, improving portability and compatibility across different platforms (ExifTool supports Image Regions from version 11.74).

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