DAM News Round-Up – 17th August 2020

A collection of recent DAM-related articles from around the web, sourced from DAM Federation member, Planet DAM.

Integrate PIM System with DAM: All-in-One vs. Best-of-Breed Approach

Digital Asset Management vendor Celum take a look at two different approaches to combining Product Information Management (PIM) and DAM solutions in this recent article.  Introducing the fundamental concepts of both types of system, along with simple diagrams and a practical list of pros and cons, it represents an easy-to-digest guide for those tasked with integrating and streamlining PIM and DAM workflows.  A free online webinar is scheduled for Thursday August 27th, although it’s only for German speakers (a transcript may or may not be available at a later date).

Google researchers use AI to generate 3D models from random Internet images

Although the integration of Artificial Intelligence into DAM has attracted a great deal of fanfare and hyperbole in recent years, the benefits and capabilities in real-world DAM scenarios has been somewhat underwhelming.  However, recent results from a Google project that uses AI to generate 3D models from random photos on the web, demonstrates that progress in the wider digital media landscape is maturing at a faster rate.  Using Neural Radiance Fields for Unconstrained Photo Collections (‘NeRF-in-the-wild’), the impressive results use AI to reconstruct complex structures from ‘unstructured’ images, meaning those taken from random angles, time of day and weather conditions.

Template ROI Calculator

We’ve discussed the flawed premise of specious ROI calculations on DAM News a number of times in the past.  However, DAM solutions provider PICA9 have recently provided a variant of the ROI calculator that’s a little more based in reality.  By answering a number of simple questions, it can help you decide if any of your brand or design assets would benefit from being converted to a custom template for use by your marketing department.  Focusing on the scarcity and cost of design production resources, it could help you save on expenditure by reusing your most valued and widely used assets.

Accelerate Content Creation with Cropping Templates

Software provider MediaValet have recently announced the roll-out of a new feature for their DAM platform: cropping templates.  With a growing number of diverse downstream channels such as mobile, email and social media, different sized assets of the same image or video are often required, with each derivative or ‘proxy’ file taking time to create, upload and embed.  Cropping templates allow users to speed up content creation by configuring custom sizes for a variety of platforms – freeing up time and avoiding the need for third-party, often complex applications such as Photoshop.

How to secure buy-in for a new Digital Asset Management system

Digital Asset Management solutions provider ResourceSpace have posted a short article on securing buy-in for a new DAM initiative.  Although the shark-infested analogies of stakeholder engagement is perhaps outmoded, the act of procuring funds is still an area that requires significant planning and foresight.  As a segue into trying out their free demo, the article doesn’t go into too much detail, but there’s a few helpful pointers to get you onto the diving board.

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