DAM News Round-Up – 17th April 2023

DAM News Round-Up

A selection of DAM related articles from around the web, hand-picked by the DAM News editorial team.

Improving Efficiency & Effectiveness with AI and DAM

This recent LinkedIn post from creative operations and DAM consultant Frank DeCarlo touches on the increasing role of artificial intelligence within DAM and the potential benefits it can bring in terms of automation, efficiency and content interaction.  Frank also references so-called research outfit MarketsandMarkets – which we’ve debunked in the past as being little more than a paper-mill – by reiterating their prediction of an $8bn DAM market share by 2027.

Tagging in 3 easy steps – how to tag your images correctly

Media asset management solutions provider TeamNext provide some basic advice and insights into organising, tagging and keywording your digital assets.  Tips include finding the right categories, developing a tree-like framework or controlled vocabulary to operate within, implementing concepts such as mood and emotion, and creating synonyms in order to catch terms that fall outside of the basic hierarchy.  Additional auxiliary data that can assist in discoverability include file formats and orientation, camera settings, perspectives, and aspects commonly found in stock photography such as subjects (individual, groups etc.), date and location-based data, and legal status such as royalty-free or rights-managed.

Transcription, Digital Asset Management, and You: Things to Know and How to Use

Digital Asset Management vendor Pics.io have just announced the introduction of speech transcription for their DAM platform.  The new feature provides text-to-speech analysis and transcription, with the option to export time-coded closed captions and plain text.  The article explains how the generation of plain text content from video dialogue should also improve asset discoverability by adding relevant keywords to assets that would otherwise have very little metadata.

The Annual DAM Trends Report: 4 Key Findings

This recent 30-page report from DAM vendor MediaValet takes a look at a number of common pain-points, metrics and case studies within the DAM sector.  The report, which they claim is based on surveying over 100 organisations, provides a range of statistics including cloud versus on-premise solutions, the growth in video consumption, departmental use of DAM, popular integrations, satisfaction levels, and outcomes.  However, no references are cited in the report (once again, the figure of $8bn is mentioned), so you may want to take it at face value.  Email registration is required for download.

Inclusive metadata: Steps to address diversity, equity and inclusion in your DAM

This recent video from DAM software provider Tenovos features Sharon Mizota and Matthew Desrosiers discussing the issue of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) in DAM implementations.  The webinar and Q&A session, which took place on 5th April, takes a look at the language used in metadata, a number of common DEI issues, and measures that can be taken to address them, including how to conduct an audit and maintain best-practice procedures.

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