DAM News Round-Up – 16th October 2023

A selection of DAM-related stories from around the web, sourced by the DAM News editorial team.

FADEL Releases Adobe Experience Manager Cloud Service Connector for Rights Cloud

Licensing, rights and royalties solutions provider FADEL have recently announced the release of their cloud service connector for Adobe’s AEM.  The integration allows users to integrate digital rights management (DRM), content tracking and brand compliance to their DAM workflow, with a feature-set that includes capturing, clearing and checking usage rights and filtering digital asset search results based on available channel and market rights.

DAM governance structure defined and explained

This recent article from marketing technology website MarTech.org takes a detailed look at governance within DAM – a subject that is often overlooked and pushed to the bottom of the priority list.  The post provides a basic introduction to DAM governance, and how adopting a proactive attitude towards policies, standards, and best practice can prevent your DAM system from becoming a junk drawer.  A useful checklist is provided that should help you jump-start your governance plan, along with a series of tips and insights for stakeholder engagement, and how having a DAM manager is not a suitable substitute for a dedicated, independent, and user-centric governance strategy.

Rights holders can exclude images from generative AI with IPTC Photo Metadata Standard 2023

IPTC, the global standards body for the news media have just announced the addition of new properties in their metadata standards that allows publishers to request that their content should not be used as generative AI training data.  The ‘Data Mining’ field is now final and present in version 2023.1 of the Photo Metadata Standard, and is defined as part of the PLUS version 2.0.1 XMP schema.  An option is provided in the specification to allow for search engine indexing.  The IPTC are encouraging all metadata/exif software vendors to integrate the property as soon as possible.  ExifTool version 12.67 already has support for the new field.

PhotoShelter Doubles Down on Ethical AI

In a related story, Digital Asset Management software vendor PhotoShelter have announced that they have launched their own AI ethics board, along with joining the Content Authenticity Initiative – a global coalition of media creators, tech companies, journalists and activists set up to address digital misinformation and content authenticity.  The AI ethics board consists of six senior members from across the organisation.

DAM Integrations

Digital marketing and content specialist Kristin Burns presents an overview of DAM integrations and how the once-siloed nature of DAM systems has evolved into a central hub as users demand a more integrated and joined-up digital asset supply chain.  Kristin also takes a look at plugins – often the first step prior to more permanent integrations – and how they are typically easier to implement and more cost-effective than developing a bespoke in-house integration.  Common plugins covered include CMS such as Drupal and WordPress, project management tools like Hive or Jira, creative applications such as Adobe, and e-commerce platforms such as Shopify or Magento.

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