DAM News Round-Up – 15th May 2023

A selection of DAM related articles from around the web, sourced by the DAM News editorial team.

European Union Pioneers Landmark AI Regulation

The so-called ‘Brussels Effect‘  – the often over-zealous policy-making habits of the European Union – is brought into focus in this recent article that announces the first significant rules and regulations for Artificial Intelligence that are set to be enshrined in EU law.  The draft proposes a risk assessment approach based on the potentially high level of damage that the misuse of AI could cause, a ban on real-time biometric systems, and a raft of enhanced regulations that apply to the development of foundation models and the protection of citizens’ rights.  The vote to pass the regulations is due to take place in June.

The Consumer’s Guide to Choosing a DAM Platform

DAM consultants Stacks Team present a six-part series on choosing a DAM system.  The articles cover all the basics, including a description of DAM and its feature-set, tips on searching for a suitable platform and vendor,  how to evaluate and align the myriad options with your company’s requirements, and how to start the implementation process.  For a more in-depth report (containing over 30,000 words, an example RFP, and vendor and demonstration briefs) from one of the world’s leading DAM experts with over 25 years’ experience, you might want to take a look at ‘How to Buy Enterprise DAM Systems‘.

Enhancing Digital Asset Management Software With AI

Digital Asset Management software provider Aprimo explain and showcase a selection of artificial intelligence enhancements for their DAM system.  Add-ons include smart tagging via both standard and custom API services (Google, Amazon, Microsoft), facial recognition that preserves anonymity, and AI-based cropping that’s aware of the areas of interest that it detects within any given image.  Aprimo previously announced that their OpenAI integration was the first of its kind, but it appears that ResourceSpace beat them to it by a few months.

Google announces use of IPTC metadata for generative AI images

Google has recently announced that it will be using the IPTC’s Digital Source Type property to denote synthetically generated content within in its image search, making it easier for consumers to identify images created by generative AI platforms such as DALL-E, Midjourney and Stable Diffusion.  A description of the relevant photo metadata fields are available on the Google Search developer documentation.

Enhance DAM Search Efficiency: 7 Tips for Success

DAM platform provider Digizuite provide a selection of tips to improve the discoverability of your digital assets.  Advice includes setting up a strong taxonomy, standardising your metadata structure, implementing an advanced search or ‘filter results’ feature, adding automatic tagging (via AI), integrating third-party systems to improve and streamline workflows, leveraging your analytics to identify and eliminate bottlenecks, and asking your users for feedback and ratings to gain additional insights into how relevant your content is, and how it is being discovered and utilised.

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