DAM News Round-Up – 15th January 2024

A selection of DAM-related articles from around the web, sourced by the DAM News editorial team.

The 6 core metadata schemas explained

Although we often mention the fundamental importance of metadata in any DAM context, you may not be aware of the various established metadata schemas that are available (especially as they are often simply referred to by the blanket term ‘EXIF’).  This recent post from DAM vendor ResourceSpace explores six of the most common schemas, including International Press Telecommunications Council (IPTC), Dublin Core Metadata Initiative (DMCI), Metadata Encoding & Transmission Standard (METS), Metadata Object Description Schema (MODS), Text Encoding Initiative (TEI), and the Visual Resources Association (VRA) Core.

Learning to Create Taxonomies

Author and Taxonomist Heather Hedden takes a look at the stark difference between using and taxonomies and being able to create them, along with guidance on why and how to learn taxonomy creation.  Heather explains that whilst it’s generally advisable to leave such complex tasks to the experts, smaller or more “simple” taxonomy projects are often tackled by non-professional individuals or in-house subject matter specialists.  The advent of generative AI has also made it easier for anyone to “generate” a taxonomy, although this can overlook crucial aspects such as maintenance and collaboration with stakeholders. Heather also presents her upcoming taxonomy course, with a discount for those who apply before the end of January.

Introducing Composable Architecture for digital assets

This recent blog post from content services provider Smint.io explains the concept of composable architecture, and how it enables organisations to adopt a modular, pick ‘n’ mix approach to building their software ecosystem.  Although primarily a conduit for their own ‘Portals’ platform, the article does include a couple of case studies to explain the key ideas that underpin a composable model.

Three technologies that will dominate the visual tech sector in 2024

Regular contributor and founder of visual tech magazine Kaptur.co, Paul Melcher, shares his thoughts on the key developments and innovations within the digital imagery realm that will gain traction in the upcoming year.  Paul explains how rapidly emerging – and evolving – technologies such as Generative AI (GenAI), Extended Reality (XR), and Neural Radiance Fields (NeRF) will play a transformative role in how we create, perceive, consume, and interact with digital media.

The opportunities for AI in digital asset management

The above article acts as a suitable segue into this recent article from seasoned DAM and metadata professional John Horodyski, posting on Martech.org.  John highlights a number of AI-powered features that many DAM vendors are already including in their products, including AI-powered image search (aka visual search), the automation of previously manual tasks such as ingestion, tagging, categorisation and metadata management, and the use of generative AI to create on-the-fly assets.  A checklist of questions to consider when preparing for the introduction of AI into your DAM is also provided and includes strategy, training data, distribution and governance.

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