DAM News Round-Up – 15th August 2022

Digital Asset Management News

A collection of recent DAM-related articles from around the web.

Image generative AI and the everyday company

Founder of online visual tech magazine Paul Melcher explores the potential impact of synthetic image creation in this recent article.  As the output from tools such as OpenAI’s DALL-E, Google’s Imagen, and lesser-known applications such as Midjourney and Wombo hit our social media feeds, it’s hard not to be impressed with the results.  Paul discusses the impact these emerging technologies are already having on stock image libraries and traditional creative workflows such as product and fashion photography.  Paul also predicts that AI-generated imagery could even end up preceding the product and become a key method for inspiring new ones.

NEW Pics.io Feature: Expanded Support For MS Office and Google File Formats

Digital Asset Management software provider Pics.io have just announced improved previews for Microsoft and Google file formats on their platform.  Updates cover Microsoft Spreadsheets (xls, xlsx), Documents (doc, docx), and PowerPoint presentations (ppt, pptx), with support for Google covering Docs, Sheets, Slides and Forms.

Interview with Lenka Hamosova about Synthetic Media

Freelance designer and AI media researcher Lenka Hamosova is the latest interviewee on Henrik de Gyor‘s Synthetic Media podcast.  Investigating creative applications for synthetic media, Lenka explains how, in a future where we’re surrounded by synthetic content, it will become increasingly difficult, if not impossible, to distinguish between AI generated visuals and the real thing.  More information is available on Lenka’s website over at https://hamosova.com/.

Keep your DAM on the track to success: use change management to nurture user adoption

One of the key reasons for a DAM system failing to provide value is poor user adoption and training.  This recent blog post from long-running DAM vendor WoodWing explores the topic of change management, and how a holistic approach covering not just the DAM, but its people, processes, data and integrations is necessary in order to provide long-term ROI.  According to a study by research outfit Forrester, a staggering 82% of tech projects fail due to poor user adoption.  A detailed and useful reference for anyone involved in DAM, especially those tasked with upgrading or implementing a new system.

How to Develop a Content Creation Strategy

With an overwhelming amount of marketing content whizzing around our digital lives, it’s becoming increasingly hard to capture your customer’s attention and make an impact with your campaigns.  This detailed article from Tom Regan provides tips and guidance on building a content strategy that incorporates numerous channels such as blogs, podcasts, videos and social media. From content auditing and deciding who should be on your creative team, through to promotional tactics and ideas to make your content more appealing and accessible, Tom provides a decent level of practical and easy-to-understand advice on how to achieve your marketing goals.

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