DAM News Round-Up – 14th October 2019

A collection of recent DAM-related articles from around the web, sourced from DAM Federation member, Planet DAM.

Webinar: The State of ‘DAM User Adoption’ Today

A reminder that this week sees a webinar on DAM user adoption – a subject that’s often hard to find resources and practical information for.  The panel discussion, scheduled for Thursday October 17th at 11:30am Eastern Time, is sponsored by Insight Exchange Network, DAM Guru, New Jersey DAM Meetup and London DAM Meetup and givers users the opportunity to interact with DAM experts Lisa Grimm, Ian Matzen, Henrik de Gyor and Ralph Windsor (editor of DAM News).  The webinar is free to attend.

The Key to User Adoption

Continuing with the theme of user adoption, DAM expert and librarian Ian Matzen outlines a number of key factors that can make or break a DAM system with regards to adoption.  From ease of access and use to the importance of integration, training, designating a champion and accurately measuring the usage metrics of your DAM, the article provides a set of common-sense ground rules that should provide a good starting point for anyone tasked with onboarding users and stakeholders.

Bynder launches Digital Brand Templates and enhanced Brand Guidelines to power more dynamic brands

Digital Asset Management vendor Bynder have recently announced the launch of a couple of new features for their DAM platform.  The first of these – Digital Brand Templates – appears to be a simple visual editor where users can compile various elements, sourced from creative material such as Photoshop files, for use in marketing campaigns. Users can ‘lock’ brand elements such as fonts, logos and colours, ensuring brand guidelines are enforced.  The second feature, Brand Guidelines, provides teams with clear and definitive branding guidelines that are fully integrated into the DAM system.

Another DAM Podcast interview with Leah Carlson on Digital Asset Management

This week, Henrik de Gyor interviews Leah Carlson, global Digital Content Manager for US flavouring and ingredients giant McCormick.  Starting her career in DAM at the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, Leah was responsible for rolling out her first DAM for the organisation.  Following the usual format, the podcast goes on to ask Leah about the biggest challenges and successes she’s seen within the Digital Asset Management field.

Stop Entering Metadata (manually)

Finalselect appears to be a newcomer to the Digital Asset Management scene, with their ‘end-to-end solution for ecommerce photo operations’ still in beta stage.  In this recent blog post, they discuss the issues surrounding metadata entry and how, as we have consistently pointed out on DAM News for a long time, “we’ve all been doing it wrong for the last 20 years”, observing that the provision of context is perhaps the main purpose of metadata.  The article continues to provide a breakdown of how their system will ‘automate metadata from start to finish’, and the numerous methods they intend to use, such as integration with Capture One photo editing software, to achieve this.  The promise of not having to manually enter any metadata is indeed appealing, yet we’ll have to wait until their product is released to see whether this is merely marketing hype.

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