DAM News Round-Up – 14th November 2022

A selection of DAM related articles from around the web, hand-picked by the DAM News editorial team.

DAM for Everything: External Links!

Digital Asset Management software provider Pics.io have recently announced the release of a new feature named ‘External Links’.  In a nutshell, external links allows users to enter URLs for external assets, providing the ability to display assets from external sources such as YouTube and Google Drive.  The article notes that the assets themselves are not physically pulled into your DAM, but instead act as pointers to the original files, along with generating thumbnails, and where applicable, generating metadata, descriptions and titles in order to make the external assets more discoverable.

The lawsuit that could rewrite the rules of AI copyright

This recent article from online publication The Verge highlights a current class action lawsuit that could have a potentially huge impact on the raft of AI-powered tools that have recently gained traction in the online creative space.  Microsoft, GitHub and OpenAI are being sued for infringing copyright law by scraping and reproducing open-source code without providing the proper attribution to its original creators.  The article includes an interview with those responsible for bringing about the lawsuit, and the reaction from the AI community.  Also brought to light is the somewhat murky relationship between Microsoft and OpenAI, the latter of which has gained a huge amount of publicity from its DALL-E generative art platform – another initiative which has recently been accused of scraping vast amounts of potentially copyrighted content without prior clearance or due diligence.

Visual similarity search

AI search provider EMRAYS explain how their visual similarity tool works, along with examples of using multiple images to perform complex searches for ambiguous search terms and topics.  For those interested in finding out more, my co-contributor and DAM News Editor Ralph Windsor took an earlier version of EMRAYS for a test drive last year, which you can read all about here.

11 Tips to Creating a Winning Business Case for DAM

If you’re in the market for a new DAM system, this recent article from DAM vendor PhotoShelter could help you build a more effective and impactful business case.  Tips and guidance include putting together an initial mission statement to help focus your efforts in right direction, asking users to identify issues, bottlenecks and pain-points in your current workflow, mapping out users, key staff and their training requirements, and working out predicted running costs, maintenance fees, and return on investment (ROI) for those holding the purse strings.

7 burning questions to ask during your DAM demo

Following on with DAM procurement, this recent post from Digital Asset Management software provider Bynder presents a list of questions to ask potential vendors.  Items on the checklist include finding out which integrations are available for your current software stack, hammering out the specifics of support, service and maintenance, what security features are on offer, gaining approximate timescales for implementation and going live, and ensuring that the vendor provides honest, detailed answers concerning areas of their product that might require further development or incur additional costs to implement.  For those tasked with sourcing a DAM vendor, How to Buy Enterprise DAM Systems is a special 86 page report written and compiled by one of the industry’s most respected DAM experts.

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