DAM News Round-Up – 14th June 2021

Digital Asset Management News

A collection of recent DAM-related articles from around the web, sourced from DAM Federation member, Planet DAM.

DAM for All: The Key Stakeholders of an Enterprise DAM Solution

If you’re tasked with building a business case for DAM or simply researching the benefits it can bring to your organisation, this recent article from software vendor Wedia takes a look at the key DAM stakeholders.  From marketing directors, brand managers and content creators, through to social media managers and sales representatives, this detailed and concise article provides a breakdown of the respective roles and the assistance DAM can provide in achieving their roles.

Avoid These 7 Mistakes In DAM Solution Implementation

Marketing and creative software provider Filecamp list seven Digital Asset Management mistakes to avoid in this recent blog post.  Tips and insights include the importance of thorough planning and auditing, comparing solutions, value for money, not being seduced by the ‘halo effect’ of a fancy UI, providing test cases or ‘routes’ for vendors to demonstrate, ensuring the platform’s metadata capabilities are up to scratch, and finally, not being swayed by ‘authority bias’, meaning experts or consultants that aren’t fully aware of the intricacies of your digital assets and workflows.

With ResourceSpace everything’s included – but where’s the catch?

In times of stretched budgets, an Open Source DAM solution with no license fees is an attractive option, but what about hidden costs?  In this article, DAM software provider ResourceSpace clarify their pricing structure and reconfirm their commitment to a completely open source model.  Their free tier includes 100GB of persistent storage and all of the platform’s features. Costs will be incurred for support, setup, configuration and any additional consultation.  An odd but nonetheless welcome and conscientious bonus on the paid-for plans is the planting of up to 250 trees on the customer’s behalf.

MAM vs DAM: A Blurred (But Distinct) Line For Brands

Digital Asset Management vendor Brandfolder explain the seemingly vague distinction between Media Asset Management (MAM) and DAM.  As one might suspect, MAM systems tend to focus on digital video and audio content, although the article highlights a number of other key differences, including increased storage capacity to accommodate large-format assets, cloud editing of multimedia content and derivative or proxy files, transcoding or subtitling features, and a workflow that’s been optimised for audio-visual content creation, management and distribution.

5 Ways to Use Integrations to Improve Digital Asset Workflows

DAM consultants Stacks explore five ways to improve and extend your DAM system using integrations.  The five methods discussed are: APIs (Application Programming Interface), the use of transmitters (e.g. for near-realtime uploading, ingestion and distribution of news or sports photography), Artificial Intelligence, and outsourcing tasks such as library management or mass storage to third-party service providers.

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