DAM News Round-Up – 14th April 2020

A collection of recent DAM-related articles from around the web, sourced from DAM Federation member, Planet DAM.

3 Steps to Help Take the Bias Out of Your DAM’s AI

Anjali Yakkundi, Product Marketing Director at DAM solutions provider Aprimo, has recently published an article exploring the issue of Artificial Intelligence bias and the “bad decisions” it can make when used in a Digital Asset Management context.  Although Anjali’s claims that AI has “made big waves” and has been a “game changer for many organisations” are somewhat overzealous (many businesses are disabling their AI bolt-ons due to their ineptitude), the issue of bias is indeed quite real.  Using examples of previous AI political incorrectness to bolster some questionable assumptions, the article offers three tips to assist organisations in detecting and counteracting potential sources of bias in their ‘content intelligence’ systems.

How to comply with GDPR Article 7 for photos and videos of employees

Photo and media asset management software vendor Fotoware are proud of their record providing digital evidence services for the UK’s police force.  In this short but concise article, Alex Kronenberg examines a different facet of the legal system and provides some practicable guidance pertaining to the regulations surrounding the use of photos and videos of employees, most notably those outlined under GDPR Article 7.  Although targeted at their own flagship platform, the advice and methodology for obtaining compliance can be applied to any DAM system.

Self-Organizing DAM

DAM solutions provider Southpaw Technology has posted an in-depth article exploring the concept of a self-organising DAM.  Focusing on a number of common shortcomings and bottlenecks such as asset versioning, fragmented and disparate processes for offline, behind-the-scenes or work-in-progress (WIP) assets, and generally ill-defined workflows, the article offers alternative solutions to organising your assets based on the context under which they were created or used, and how this is implemented into a DAM system using their workflow engine.

Smart Keywording Without Bias

Senior Content Marketing Manager for Adobe Stock, Irene Malatesta, has also written a piece that explores bias within software automation, in this case, the generation of appropriate and relevant keywords for creative stock assets such as images, video and 3D assets.  Irene provides some important keyword best practices, along with additional considerations when applying keywords during the coronavirus pandemic, highlighting a sharp rise in inappropriate and irrelevant keyword tags such as “Chinese”, “quarantine”, and “Wuhan”.

How an RFP Fits Into the DAM and PIM Buying Process

Digital Asset Management software vendor Widen provide some insights into the often cloaked art of preparing and writing an RFP (request for proposal).  Covering the basic purpose and format of an RFP and how it differs from RFIs (request for information) and RFQs (request for quote), the article provides some tips for writing a more targeted document that gathers just the right amount and type of information from vendors in order for you to make an informed decision.

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