DAM News Round-Up – 13th May 2019

A collection of recent DAM-related articles from around the web, sourced from DAM Federation member, Planet DAM.

London DAM Meetup Social – Wed 22nd May 2019

The London DAM Meetup are having a social event on the 22nd May.  The group will be meeting at The Cittie of Yorke cellar bar on High Holborn.  It is a free event, open to seasoned DAM experts and novices alike, and will be an opportunity to discuss tips, guidance and insights about DAM software, initiatives, implementation and other industry-related topics.

Managing rights for rotating exhibitions

DAM solutions provider NetX have recently posted an article continuing the story of New York’s Jewish Museum, in particular, how it manages the limited digital rights of its rotating (non-permanent) collection.  The story describes how the old method of keeping track of rights via a spreadsheet had become cumbersome, and how cleared assets were only accessible at the last minute, making it difficult for other departments such as marketing and communications to plan their campaigns.  Digital Asset Manager Carlos Avecedo explains how the new streamlined approach taken by NetX, which incorporates three metadata fields defining permissions, exceptions and restrictions, has provided more lead time and improved the overall workflow.

AI in MarTech

DAM vendor MerlineOne has compiled a comprehensive list of expert insights into how machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) are transforming DAM and Marketing Technology (martech).  By way of quotes, maxims and insights from a wide range of DAM, marketing and business professionals, the article covers the benefits of using AI, best practice and techniques for implementation, and how to apply AI to every stage of the customer journey.  With references and links to original source articles, it’s a great springboard for those looking to investigate AI and its wide-reaching implications across multiple disciplines and departments.

Naming of Parts: What Taxonomies Bring to Enterprise Search

Martin White, information scientist and MD of Intranet Focus Ltd., has published an article exploring the benefits of using formal taxonomies within enterprise search.  Covering aspects such as design, testing and revision, this fairly in-depth piece should act as a decent starting point for those wishing to learn more about taxonomies and their application within a search context.

The Growing Personalization Conundrum for Marketers

An interesting piece by David Dodd explores the issue of personalisation within marketing, and how we are beginning to see its largely accepted presence being questioned in relation to privacy concerns.  The article presents both side of the equation: the clear and obvious benefits gained by personalisation of the customer experience; and the growing body of evidence that suggests consumers and buyers are becoming increasingly concerned about the underlying ethical drivers of over-personalised marketing.  With some surprising statistics about the impact of ‘creepy’ and invasive marketing on consumers, it highlights the underlying scruples in the marketing industry and promises to follow up with an article suggesting possible solutions for this growing conundrum.

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