DAM News Round-Up – 13th January 2020

A collection of recent DAM-related articles from around the web, sourced from DAM Federation member, Planet DAM.

Another DAM Podcast interview with Ian Matzen about Digital Asset Management

Henrik de Gyor presents another interview at his podcast site, this time with Digital Asset Management librarian and author of tameyourassets.com, Ian Matzen.  Taking us through his various roles at Wells Fargo, America’s Test Kitchen and Net-a-Porter, Ian explains how his development of taxonomies and controlled vocabularies complemented his more regular tasks of ingestion, rights management, tagging and gathering metrics for the DAM systems he was using.

Reviewing our 2019 Digital Asset Management Wish-List

Digital Asset Management solutions provider Fotoware have posted an article reviewing their 2019 wishlist and seeing whether any of them came true.  Among last year’s wishes were: the hope that marketing teams open their collections to the rest of the organisation; helping more businesses benefit from DAM; the introduction of more AI features that go beyond keyword tagging; improved workflows and user experiences; and the growth of SaaS solutions to give customers more flexibility whilst decreasing server and maintenance demands.  The summary also includes a useful link to their timesaving DAM e-book.

It’s a new year: Time for better metadata!

Another New Year’s resolution type post from Enterprise Search covers the issue of poor searchability within intranet systems, and how it often pales in comparison to the performance of public search engines such as Google and Bing.  The article explains how public search engines have the advantage of scale on their side (i.e. lots of sites offering the same information), and how taking the time to audit the metadata within your files and ensuring its accuracy and relevance can dramatically improve enterprise search results.

Metadata, SEO, IT Collaboration and Other Principles of Content Generation

In a recent CMSWire article, Dom Nicastro has gathered a number of insights, trends and statistics concerned with brand and content marketing goals.  Using quotes from Cisco’s director of marketing Eeshita Grover, and some interesting numbers from the Content and Marketing Institute’s B2B report, the article also provides an overview of the problem of analytics in content silos, and how important metrics are often also gobbled up by the silo and prevent a holistic view of how content is performing.  Grover also explains the importance of SEO and metadata practices, and how they can lead to good ‘content hygiene’, along with extolling the virtues of a strong relationship with your IT department that goes beyond simple technical assistance.  A solid read for anyone involved in content creation, curation and governance.

Webinar: Online Classrooms to Career!

Rutgers University is hosting a webinar in February to promote its Digital Asset Management Certificate Program.  According to the press release, an accomplished panel of experts will be “introducing the value of DAM in today’s digital landscape”.  Looking at the course website, it appears that the program’s director and founder David Lipsey is one the key instructors.  The one hour introductory webinar is free to attend and runs from 11am to 12pm (EST) on February 6th.  The DAM certificate program itself is aimed at all levels of DAM expertise and comprises six, 4-week modules, each costing $895.

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