DAM News Round-Up – 12th September 2022

DAM News Round-Up

Below are some recently published DAM-related articles which have come to the attention of the editorial team here at DAM News.

CyanGate Introduces Content-Centric Integration Platform To Build Better Customer Experiences

DAM integrator and reseller, CyanGate last week announced the launch of their OneTeg integration product.  Explaining what this is in a non-technical manner is not straightforward, but essentially it provides a means to integrate DAMs, PIMs and other related solutions that are used across typical Digital Asset Supply Chains:

OneTeg is a no-code integration platform as a service (iPaaS) content and data exchange solution. It allows for easy integration between systems and can run on the Cloud or On-Prem to solve for the complexities of today’s evolving technology stack. OneTeg unifies content, entities, and data while providing user-driven flows for a simplified integration across platforms. This helps IT professionals and commerce teams deliver relevant content and experiences quickly and easily.” [Read More]

CyanGate gave me a pre-launch demo of OneTeg and it does look interesting, especially for those tasked with getting DAMs to talk to all the different technologies in-use across large enterprises.  I gather from Bulent Dogan (the CEO of CyanGate) that he got the inspiration for OneTeg from reading some of my feature articles on DAM News (and elsewhere) about Digital Asset Exchanges and the need for tools and techniques to facilitate them.  Based on what I have seen, he has definitely grasped many of the concepts I had in-mind and been able to transform them into working product.

What is likely to make or break OneTeg is whether or not the range of connectors is sufficient to cover a critical mass of different upstream digital asset sources and downstream destinations.  Looking at the connectors page, CyanGate have launched with a decent selection of options;  they will need to keep extending this (and at a rapid pace) in order to gain marketplace traction.  If you are a DAM vendor (or integrator) this should be a product you check out and stay fully abreast of.

With Stable Diffusion, you may never believe what you see online again

Another week, another story about the emergence of (yet more) synthetic content technologies:

AI image generation is here in a big way. A newly released open source image synthesis model called Stable Diffusion allows anyone with a PC and a decent GPU to conjure up almost any visual reality they can imagine. It can imitate virtually any visual style, and if you feed it a descriptive phrase, the results appear on your screen like magic.” [Read More]

I have talked about this with a number of people in DAM and I can’t work out whether it’s more eye-opening that this field is developing at such a rapid pace or that it remains mostly ignored by the majority of DAM vendors, consultants and analysts.  As we have discussed many times in DAM News, the action in the Digital Asset Management industry is in the supply chains for digital assets (and see the previous story for clear evidence of that trend).  As such, dramatic changes upstream are quite likely to permeate downstream.

Synthetic content forces a radical paradigm shift in the use-case for DAM.  Classic DAM system design patterns like ‘search’, ‘upload’, ‘catalogue’, ‘download’ etc. will have to coexist with a model where digital asset metadata is both before the fact and after it.

I am told there is a meeting of a few people in DAM in New York this week (which I won’t be attending).  Based on the agenda I have been shown, how many of those present are likely to be thinking (let alone talking) about these kind of subjects?  If the percentage is in double figures, I would be quite surprised.  The Content DAM establishment remains facile, smug, indolent and soporifically unaware of the impending impact this kind of innovation will have.  It is a sitting duck for significant disruption, the only question is, when will it realise?

The world’s first digital media asset management service for agile enterprises

Microstock Solutions (whose CEO Mark Milstein has been interviewed on DAM News) have re-branded and re-launched themselves as ‘MSS’, offering a range of remote Digital Asset Management services:

From software to staffing to administration, MSS offers a complete suite of remote digital asset content management solutions at a budget-sensitive cost. Innovative companies can quickly scale up without having to hire and train an entire in-house team. Instead, they can rely on the highly experienced MSS staff.” [Read More]

A few different service providers have begun to emerge recently offering a kind of remote digital asset manager facility.  Mark’s firm have more experience many of the other options on offer, in addition they also cover visual artificial intelligence, machine learning, and synthetic media.

What is an Active Metadata Hub?

As most who have some awareness of designing Digital Asset Supply Chains will be aware, the component parts that make up the assets themselves have their own supply chains too.  Metadata is no exception.  In this article, Andreas Blumauer discusses Active Metadata Hubs, middleware that can connect disparate metadata sources and enrich (add value) to them as a result:

An active metadata hub – in other words, metadata middleware – uses a data catalog augmented by knowledge graphs and ML to enable the orchestration, interconnection, and enrichment of originally passive metadata. This means not only connecting and capturing metadata from a variety of data sources, but also integrating with other data management tools so that all metadata can be enriched and shared across silos via an active metadata hub that then becomes the authoritative source of metadata across the enterprise.” [Read More]

Interview with Jeff Lawrence

Last week, we interviewed Jeff Lawrence on DAM News and he offered a wide range of insights about the topic of Digital Asset Management.  I wrote a short overview of what he had to say and what clearly stood out for me was the depth of his knowledge and experience:

I come across many in the DAM market who clearly don’t have much (or indeed any) real commercial implementation experience, they just wing it using second-hand information they have taken from elsewhere or clichés that priortise agreement and consensus rather than insight and hard truths. This is assuredly not the case with Jeff; he is the real deal and has the Curriculum Vitae (and associated knowledge) to back it up.” [Read More]

I have spoken with Jeff on a number of occasions and another of his noteworthy attributes is his self-effacing modesty about his many achievements (again in stark contrast to quite a few of the other names that get mentioned far more frequently than genuinely they deserve to be).  I gather Jeff is available for DAM consulting assignments these days.  If you are looking for someone who can bring in-depth DAM expertise to the table, he should be on your shortlist.

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