DAM News Round-Up – 12th June 2023

Intellectual Property Protection with Digital Asset Management (DAM) System

Digital Asset Management software provider Pics.io takes a look at how a DAM system can provide numerous features and mechanisms to safeguard your copyright and intellectual property (IP) rights.  Guidance includes setting up both centralised asset and user access control, watermarking your image and video files, and employing version control to make sure only the latest, approved resources are being used (along with an audit of changes to accurately track and identify cases of misuse).

Revolutionizing Digital Asset Management: Embracing Advanced AI Editing Tools

Paul Melcher of online visual tech magazine Kaptur provides an interesting and engaging view of the latest developments in AI, and how Digital Asset Management will need to go through a ‘paradigm shift’ in order to accommodate developments in generative AI and synthetic media.  Alongside ChatGPT, Paul draws our attention to the wealth of AI-assisted visual editing tools that have appeared in recent months, including AI Sky, Bokeh AI, Relight AI, skin-changing AI, background removal AI and Adobe’s latest GenerativeAI Fill tool.  Paul argues that the future of DAM largely relies on how successfully these tools can be integrated.

How To Discover the ROI of Investing In A DAM For Your Business

It’s not every day that we witness the birth of a new abbreviation, and DAM provider Digizuite have gone so far as to give theirs a birth certificate by way of a trademark.  Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) is the result of a collaborative study with Forrester Consultant Asha Dinesh, conducted in order to gauge the potential return on investment (ROI) that can be achieved by deploying their DAM.  That figure is 184% over three years.  You can download the study here (email registration required).  For more information on ROI within DAM – and its potential shortcomings – search the DAM News website for our previous articles on the subject.

Millions of AP images and video now available on single platform with AI-powered search

DAM provider MerlinOne‘s AI-powered metadata-less search technology NOMAD has recently been adopted by independent non-profit news organisation the Associated Press (AP).  The AP Newsroom platform, which replaces the AP Images and AP Archive systems, provides access to over 60 million photos and is also capable of finding individual moments within video. With self-serve licensing and ad-hoc pricing models, the platform has now been made available for non-subscription customers.

5 Must-Have Capabilities of a Modern DAM

Omni-channel content management services provider Censhare present a list of the top five features that a modern DAM should offer.  Capabilities include graph database support for improved identification of asset relationships, automated tasks such as AI generated metadata and generation of derivative/rendition files, scalability, API maturity, and an open architecture that facilitates easy upgrades.

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