DAM News Round-Up – 12th August 2019

A collection of recent DAM-related articles from around the web, sourced from DAM Federation member, Planet DAM.

What Does The Duchess of Cambridge Know About The DAM Software Market That We All Don’t?

This exclusive by DAM News editor Ralph Windsor follows up on his initial investigation into the questionable practice of peddling mass-produced industry market research reports and the players behind them.  Whilst on the hunt for credible digital asset management market share information, Ralph and myself uncover a collective of Indian research mills responsible for saturating the web with premium priced reports, along with a surprising revelation about one of its authors.

Unlocking the Potential of Your Content Marketing Team

DAM vendor Canto have recently published an article exploring the issue of content saturation in digital marketing, its consequences, and how creative teams might tackle the problem of creating engaging content.  Covering such factors as increasingly complex technology stacks and more diverse content types and channels, the article investigates a number of approaches to centralising and streamlining workflows in order to make sense of the ‘content chaos’.

The Difference Between Generic & Contextual AI

“Generic AI services are like an overwhelmed new employee that can tell if people in the meeting are happy or unhappy, but doesn’t have the context to understand why or contribute much at first.”  Although the new ‘Insight Cloud’ from DAM vendor Nuxeo tunes into a slightly different wavelength to most out of the box AI solutions, it’s still some way from what I consider to be far superior opinions on what’s needed to improve the dissociated state of Artificial Intelligence within the Digital Asset Management sector.  The basic idea behind Nuxeo’s ‘Contextual Metadata’ is the use of business-specific metadata sets to train the DAM system, much like Clarifai’s ‘Wedding’ model does.  An appropriate analogy might be a toddler going from a basic vocabulary to the introduction of simple adjectives; it’s perhaps a small step in the right direction but there’s still a lot of work to be done outside of language alone before we can gain any deeper insights.

Building your ‘DAM Fam’ [2/4]: How to find the perfect DAM project team at your organization

Part two of DAM software provider Bynder‘s four-part series on assembling a digital asset management dream-team focuses on building up the actual personnel that will be responsible for designing, planning, sourcing, implementing and managing your DAM solution.  This episode covers topic such as the internal make-up of your DAM crew, the skills and roles required, how to set up appropriate expectations for each of your team’s members, and what questions the team should be asking when defining the project’s scope, milestones, deliverables and deadlines.

AI-Generated Metadata Isn’t Working: Here’s How DAM Vendors Might Fix It

An interesting and detailed article from DAM News editor and Digital Asset Management consultant Ralph Windsor places AI on the petri-dish and explores the reasons behind its shortcomings in the DAM context.  And context is the crucial factor here.  Ralph has long been an advocate for recognising the true value of metadata, and in this article – which overlays the concepts of human consciousness and subconsciousness onto digital asset metadata – he aims to present an alternative approach to the AI conundrum by focusing on how transactions within a DAM system represent the atomic unit of value, and how a system that leverages them is likely to provide far more contextual intelligence.

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