DAM News Round-Up – 11th October 2021

A selection of recent DAM and digital marketing technology related articles from around the web.

Blockchain’s Promise for Enterprise Content Management

Andrea Malick takes a look at the current state of blockchain technology, and whether it’s positioned to replace content management systems (CMS).  In this detailed and concise article, Andrea explains how, even though the blockchain is being increasingly adopted for authentication, financial type transactions, and audit trail purposes, it has yet to provide a long-term solution for document storage and control.

PIM and DAM: Are They Better Together?

Digital Asset Management vendor MediaValet cover the core differences and crossovers between DAM and PIM (Product Information Management) in this recent article.  The conclusion is that it’s less common to find a PIM without a DAM, unless it’s a smaller e-commerce business that doesn’t have many complex visual assets, but that working in tandem, PIM and DAM can provide better scalability, integration, and discoverability across multiple channels.

PIM vs DAM – Why one does not replace the other

Continuing with the theme of Product Information Management, DAM provider QBank explore the similarities between the two technologies, along with a case study demonstrating how PIM and DAM can complement each other in the real world.  Additional information about their DAM system’s integration with the inriver PIM system is also provided.

Another DAM Podcast interview with Susan Wamsley

In this latest instalment, Another DAM Podcast’s Henrik de Gyor interviews Susan Wamsley, Digital Asset Manager at New York’s Guggenheim Museum.  Susan discusses the mass digitisation of photographic collections and archives, plus the additional curation of born digital assets.  The issue of user adoption is stated as one of the biggest challenges in her role, and her insights into interoperability and data integrity are valuable for anyone working in the museum or arts sectors.

DAM ROI: The Business Case for DAM

DAM software vendor Widen provide a number of tips for building a business case for DAM, and how calculating ROI can strengthen and support your strategic initiative.  The article provides five functional areas that can drive ‘return on content’: governance, metadata and taxonomy, automation, COPE (create once publish everywhere), and analytics.  However, when it comes to calculating actual ROI figures, the information is perhaps less useful, and as we’ve previously noted on DAM News, the traditional quantitative methods for arriving at such figures are often tantamount to pulling numbers from a hat, and rarely reflect real-world scenarios.

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