DAM News Round-Up – 11th April 2023

A collection of DAM related articles from around the web, sourced by the DAM News editorial team.

Introducing visual search for your DAM — say goodbye to keyword dependency!

Yair Adato, founder and CEO of AI-powered visual content platform Bria takes stock of the current state of visual search using natural language processing (NLP).  The article highlights the shortcomings of keyword based search, and how it’s often set up for failure due to the way humans naturally describe the things they’re looking for.  Other issues that can be mitigated by NLP are also covered, such as so-called ‘keyword coma’, whereby too many conflicting keywords have been entered, resulting in vague and imprecise results.

Changes at DAM News

My long-time friend and colleague Ralph Windsor has recently announced that he is stepping down as editor at DAM News and winding down his consulting work.  His recent post outlines his career within DAM over the last 28 years, along with a typically no-nonsense selection of insightful reflections and predictions for the future of the sector.  Ralph also discusses the impact of generative AI on digital asset supply chains, and how a temporary hiatus in its development due to fears surrounding the runaway pace of its growth could represent a last-ditch opportunity for the DAM market to rethink and re-establish its role in the digital ecosystem.

Aprimo Adds OpenAI ChatGPT Integration to its Content Operations Platform

Digital Asset Management software provider Aprimo have just announced the integration of OpenAI’s ChatGPT technology to their platform, introducing AI-assisted content creation, metadata processing and extended interoperability.  However, their claim that their integration “is a first in the DAM category” is not strictly true – ResourceSpace announced the integration of GPT-3 back in February.

Video Brutally Takes Down the AI Hype Wave

Comedian and outspoken YouTuber Adam Conover slices through the hype with a scorching video that challenges and debunks the current frenzy surrounding artificial intelligence by highlighting a far more sinister and insidious side of its widespread promotion and adoption.  Adam’s fast-paced twenty-five minute tirade is definitely not safe for work, but it’s crammed with slap-in-the-face facts, figures, anecdotes and myths concerning self-driving cars, Open AI’s Chat-GPT, DALL-E, and generative AI.  A candid and often brutal watch for those seeking an alternative view of this emerging tech.

Need to Get Scrappy? Use Your DAM Metadata

VP of Marketing for DAM vendor Acquia (formerly Widen), Jake Athey, explores a number of methods to leverage additional value out of your old digital assets.  With ever-stretched budgets, Jake’s article provides a collection of efficiency tips such as auditing your digital content and metadata to extrapolate previously untapped demographics and take full advantage of automated workflows.

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