DAM News Round-Up – 11th April 2022

A selection of DAM and marketing technology related articles from around the web.

Brand Assets: Meaning, Examples, Benefits

Digital Asset Management platform provider Pics.io provide a primer in brand assets: what they are, why they are important to your organisation, and how to both identify them and leverage their value.  With examples including the McDonald’s “I’m Lovin’ It” slogan, and Nike’s Swoosh, the article provides additional tips and insights on how to determine the value of your brand assets (apparently “30% of Apple’s brand value stems from its clever and timely use of brand assets”).  Advice includes using version control to avoid mistakes, and tightening up your keywords and metadata to assist with the discoverability of the most suitable and high profile brand material.  One conspicuous omission is the usefulness of a DAM system in storing and distributing the brand guidelines themselves.

Bringing up Merlin’s NOMAD: Those Troubling Teen-age Years….

CEO of MerlinOne, David Tenenbaum, has recently published a blog post analogising their AI-powered NOMAD visual search technology with the development of a teenager.  This well-written article covers a range of pertinent issues and concepts within AI, including lessons in empathy, good and bad approaches to teaching it something new (“like making a kid drink a bunch of beers to learn the downsides of drinking“), and striking a parallel between machine-learning bias and the pitfalls of an impressionable youngster falling under the influence of someone with strong prejudices.  A timely and refreshingly honest piece that explores some of the emerging issues within the field of AI and machine learning.


Continuing with the theme of AI, OpenAI presents its new and improved DALL∙E 2 natural language image generation system.  As a promising contender in the race towards useful, relevant, and realistic synthetic content creation, DALL∙E 2 certainly appears to come up with the goods.  However, there’s currently no public access to its platform (you can join the waiting list here), so although the demos and videos are really quite impressive, they should probably be viewed with a level of apprehension until the curtain can be drawn back and its real-world capabilities revealed.

What the Next Few Years Hold for Enterprise Content Management

Enterprise Information Management specialist Andrea Malick explores the future of Enterprise Content Management (ECM).  The journey takes us from the lowly content creation assistants of our past, such as Microsoft’s perpetually annoying Clippy character, to knowledge graphs, AI, and Natural Language Processing (NLP) platforms.  Andrea presents an array of emerging trends and technologies that, although approaching a point where they’re beginning to provide genuine benefits, are still frustratingly disconnected and under-utilised when it comes to content management workflows.

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