DAM News Round-Up – 10th June 2024

A selection of DAM-related articles from around the web, sourced by the DAM News editorial team.

DAM vs. CMS: Complementary or Competitors?

This blog post from DAM platform provider Aprimo reflects on the overwhelming number of martech solutions now available (over 14,000 according to Scott Brinker’s marketing technology infographic), and how choosing a solution from seemingly similar offerings can often become confusing.  The article focuses on DAM and CMS, and how each plays a significantly different role in managing your organisations digital content.  The post also includes a number of useful tips for deciding which solution is best for your organisation, along with a selection of case studies and commonly asked questions.

LinkedIn Adopts C2PA Standard

Business networking platform LinkedIn have announced that they will be rolling out C2PA (Coalition for Content Provenance and Authenticity) labelling technology for images and video.  Content credentials will begin to appear on user feeds and will be extended to cover additional channels such as advertising.  Images and videos that contain C2PA metadata will display a small ‘Cr’ icon, which, when clicked on, will show the origin of the media, including its source and history, and whether it was created or modified using AI.  Feedback indicates that the feature is not yet available on all browsers and platforms.

OpenAsset Announces Plugin for WordPress

Last week, OpenAsset announced the release of a WordPress plugin for their DAM platform.  Available via the WordPress marketplace, the free plugin provides instant and easy access to project portfolios, allowing users to embed digital assets directly on their public-facing website by entering keywords and OpenAsset fields within the popular open-source content management system (latest figures show that over 40% of websites are using it).  Further information and installation instructions are available here.

Announcing Brandworkz 10.3: Enhanced Performance and New Features

Digital Asset Management software provider Brandworkz have recently released an update for their DAM system.  Version 10.3 includes enhanced performance and improved Dynamic Templates which now offers both masonry and table views with additional detailed information such as template status and artwork count.  Additional updates include an overhaul to search indexing, with support for faster reindexing, an enhanced permissions page, and a raft of general improvements and bug fixes.

The Top 3 Most Popular Search Algorithms

If you’ve ever wondered about the intricacies of search and what goes on under the bonnet, this recent post from Python and ML (machine learning) enthusiast Kapil Khatik presents a layman’s guide to the three key types of search: linear, binary, and depth-first.  With simple explanations, examples, and code snippets, it’s a great introduction to understanding the pros and cons of each method and which strategy is best suited to specific scenarios.

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