DAM News Round-Up – 10th July 2023

DAM News Round-Up

A selection of DAM-related articles from around the web, sourced by the DAM News editorial team.

Digital Rights Management and DAM Explained

Digital Asset Management solutions provider MediaValet takes a look at the challenges of rights management in an increasingly digital landscape, and how a DAM system can help to lighten the workload, protect your organisation’s brand assets, and avoid costly licensing or copyright breaches.  Although aimed at users of their own DAM solution, the article is a worthwhile read with some practical advice that’s applicable to any DAM platform or content administrator.

The DAM News Vendor Directory is Up and Running!

A quick reminder to our readers that the DAM Vendor Directory is now up and running here on the DAM News website.  Previously located on an external website, the updated directory features over 100 comprehensive vendor profiles, with a wealth of filtering tools and advanced search options.  A number of DAM News subscribers have already claimed authorship of their vendor profiles, so if your vendor is listed and you wish to update the information, sign up for a free subscription account now!

Taxonomies for Technical Documentation

Author and Taxonomist Heather Hedden explores the use of taxonomies in the unglamorous yet necessary world of technical documentation.  Having worked on a few documentation systems over the years, I can attest to it being a rather dry topic, yet Heather’s characteristically thorough approach infuses the article with plenty of interesting insights, concise breakdowns of the concepts at play, and numerous references to additional resources where you can delve deeper into the subject.

How AI in DAM can power your digital asset management

Director of Australian DAM solution provider databasics, Ricky Patten, investigates the use of artificial intelligence within Digital Asset Management.  Focusing on metadata generation, and how it’s often regarded as one of the less attractive, more time-consuming tasks within DAM, the article takes a look at a number of solutions (such as Amazon’s AI image recognition service Rekognition) that can assist with automated tagging and metadata generation.  Ricky examines the accuracy of these so-called Smart Tags, along with a brief summary of Amazon’s other metadata creation/extraction tools such as facial recognition, video transcription, colour recognition, and Optical Character Recognition (OCR).  A free DAM and AI e-book is also available (email registration required).

What does a Digital Asset Management system cost?

Don’t get too excited – you won’t find any numbers quoted in this recent article from DAM vendor IntelligenceBank.  It should come as no surprise though, as implementing a DAM solution is as bespoke an exercise as shopping for a tailored suit.  Instead of pulling prices from a hat, the article instead chooses to provide a breakdown of the type of costs that you are likely to encounter when setting up your DAM, including hosting models, feature-set, scalability, integrations, and vendor support.  For further information on how to buy DAM systems and the often murky world of vendor pricing, premium DAM News subscribers have access to exclusive in-depth reports written by one of the world’s leading DAM consultants with over 30 years’ experience.

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