DAM Guru Membership Statistics Released

DAM Guru Program, the association for Digital Asset Management industry practitioners sponsored by Picturepark has released some statistics about their membership (which is now 858-strong according to the stats).  There is some press about it and a link to a page with a summary of the stats.  This by David Diamond (who is their marketing director for those unfamiliar with his work) from their press:

Connecting DAM community members and linking employers with DAM professionals is what we originally hoped for the program, but it has become much more than that, thanks to ongoing help from members.” [Read More]

The stats are here: http://damguru.com/stats/

DGP is free to join and they run a matching service connecting ‘gurus’ (i.e. those with knowledge about DAM) up with ‘newbies’ (people who need advice).  The matching service is also free.

I tend to use these opportunities to highlight to others on the sell-side of our market that providing these sort of services is the best way to make yourself useful to prospective clients.  In a consulting-oriented purchasing scenario like Digital Asset Management, that is a highly significant factor as to whether or not anyone is likely to remember who you are (or even become aware you exist at all).  I would also highlight the feature article from Martin Wilson of Bright Interactive last week and Ricky Patten’s items as similar examples of both useful advice and good marketing (the two concepts should be synonymous, for DAM at least).  If you don’t want to disappear into a blur of homogenised obscurity in the increasingly over-crowded DAM market, stop doing and saying exactly the same things as everyone else.

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